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Bob Petras
Report 16 years ago
Each year on the first Sunday of Advent, four weeks prior to Christmas, St. John's has an Advent Service that is recorded and played around the world. It is available in Canada and is normally played the second Sunday of Advent - on a program titled, Choral Concert.

Over the years, I have taped these services from 1986 onwards back when Dr. George Guest was organist and choral master.

In 1991 Christopher Robinson took over. That service, nearly 12 years ago has been of interest to me ever since I recorded the service. The interest is in the organ postlude played at the end of the service by the organist, Phillip Gribbon (unsure of spelling).

The piece was titled - Geymor's March on a theme by Handel.

That is all the information I have. I have searched for 12 years to find this piece or any information about it - but with no success.

If you have any clues or ways of finding out, I would be delighted to know. I can be contacted at [email protected] in Canada.

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