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Economics at Warwick

Is it really competitive?

I am considering economics and I have read the Warwick prospectus and I quite like the sound of their economics course. I'm also quite keen on the fact that there are very flexible module options such as languages and law, which I think would be great to incorporate in.

I'm aiming for 4 A's in my AS exams and then hopefully 3 A's at A-level.

But I've heard of many people getting those grades and still getting rejected. Will it help to submit my grades providing I get the A's?
Give it a go if you like the sound of Warwick :smile: Grades aren't everything (you need a good PS, obviously) but if your teachers think you'll get AAA that's usually plenty grade-wise.

I am immensely confused by this. Is 'dogmatism' what Cambridge judge you on lol?
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Students on campus at the University of Warwick
University of Warwick
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Providing that I get an A for A-level maths, will they care about my my B grade in GCSE maths?
it does?.... :s
yes i agree, i guess, with the first part (prefer further maths) but i don't agree with what you said in your previous post about it leading to lower offers. Just because an applicant has further maths does not need his requirement is AAB whereas an applicant without FM has a requirement of AAA
AAAB (with FM) is harder than AABC (without FM) lol :P The offer without FM is lower

I doubt your notts offer was based on further maths, **** loads of people on this forum will have had FM yet nobody has had an offer as low as yours. You probably had a good PS
Economics at Warwick is competitive but 4 A's at AS and 3 A's at A'level would be enough for them to give you an offer......however, further maths does usually give you a lower offer than other applicants, e.g. warwick, ucl, notts, etc. so it would be advised to take AS or something like that to show your proficiency in Maths which is heavily needed in an Economics degree

Regarding your GCSE Maths grade....only LSE (as far as I'm aware of) and maybe Cambridge will really scrutinize that grade and blow it out of proportion so maybe trying to retake it or something if you really want to apply to LSE as well
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Warwick econ is definitely competitive. I know plenty of students here who have 4As. One guy here in third years got 8As, with 7 traditionals. I got AAABBB in traditional subjects, and I realised that FM is nothing special when I see every other person having done it. You do find the odd one who got in with AAB, AABb, AABB and stuff, but in general, the calibre of students is pretty damn good. Same as LSE, and often similar to oxbridge.
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You should be ok I think, but it's really hard to say. I got 4A's and a B at AS and predicted AAA, butI got rejected by Warwick back in december! So sometimes it can be hard to predict.
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Its competitive enough that they keep you waiting until March!
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Hey just chill, Economics over here is competitive and tough but it is doable!
From what I know, some modules are having changes in syllabus and lecturers.