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Football at Warwick


ive got an offer for msc finance course at warwick for next year and comparing the uni to imperial and other places.

would someone who is currently at the uni help me out with a question, how is football organised at the uni. obv if you want to play uni standard then you trial but below that is it halls of residence playing each other, or is it just get a team together and enter a league? i went to cam for undergrad and they had college versus college, wondering if there is a similar set up at warwick?

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yes i would really love to find out about this too..
Students on campus at the University of Warwick
University of Warwick
I've heard there is a 5 a side tournament that anyone can join, but i'd like to know more
This question is thirded. EDIT: Er, fourthed.
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Hi there. I only play football with my friends on the fields near Westwood (plenty of room around, good pitches etc) but from what I gather there's also five-a-side (biggest sports club on campus, 1200 members), a proper men's football club (300 members, competes in BUSA) and also a casual football society, although that doesn't have a website.

Hope this helps. I'm sure they'll be happy to help if you get in touch asking for information.

Edit: five-a-side tends to be teams of friends playing for fun - I've heard good things about it.
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Football at Warwick is exensive. They have 4 univesity teams which there are obviously trials for.

There are wednesday, saturday and sunday 11 aside (social) leagues too, which anyone can play in and where the standard varies from por to very good.

The 5aside club is fantastic, its the largest sports club in the university. Just get 5 or more people from your halls/anywhere sign up and you are in. Teams get split up into 4 ladders of approximately 40 teams randomly at the start of the season. Through terms 1 and 2 you can challenge teams above you (how far above depends on league position).

At the end of term 2 the top 6 from each league go into the champions league, and teams 6-12th go into the uefa cup. The leagues carry on for all other teams who didnt make it into europe so to speak. Win the champions league and you are the best team in uni...(damn you sebs disciples, damn you!). There is also a cup competition.

Along with all this there are a few charity tournamnets and in world cup year year they organised a 5aside world cup!

The website is : if you fancy checking it out. (If links arent allowed mods please remove)
Ye, so there is plenty of social and/or competitive football for everyone of any standard, but the top teams are pretty decent.
There are 4 uni teams which play to a high standard on various FA standard pitches
Warwick has a huge 5 a side league system which around 1,500 people play in and is the most popular society on campus and fiercely competitive.
In addition there are also the intra mural leagues, 3 leagues of around 15-20 teams each and is also a decent standard.
We have 2 astro turfs and 1 tarket and 3 'indoor' pitches as well as lots of green open space for a kick around. The facilities at Warwick are some of the best in the country
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i think trials were yesterday, in which case i missed them.
may be wrong
is any1 goin 2 the westwood thingy 2 night
(its on the website- )