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Second Undergraduate Degree PPE

I'm currently a second year student at the University of Leicester studying Ancient History & History. I'm afraid that I performed badly in my A levels and received an A in History, a C in Politics....and an E in Law...

Since coming to university I have developed quite a strong interest in both economics and philosophy, and I have read a lot on both subjects (Thus Spake Zarathustra, Beyond Good and Evil as well as various books on economics) I regret my A levels and I am planning on taking AS exams in 2010 (independently) in Philosophy, Economics and Politics (to rectify my previous grade). I'd then plan on working part time in 2011 and doing A2 exams in those subjects. I'd like to apply for a PPE at Oxford at the end of 2010 (with my rectified AS results and a degree to back me up) for entry at the end of 2011.

The reason behind this decision is my deep dissapointment with past results and a feeling that I could have done better, as well as my desire to study those three subjects at a higher level.

Does anyone think this is plausable (assuming I get the results I want) or should I just not try and put this behind me? I wouldn't intend on further study after a PPE, but I feel it would give me a lot of opportunities which I might not have had. Any advice is appreciated and I'm sorry for how long this is!
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It's certainly possible, but money would be an issue. As far as I'm aware, only Harris Manchester offers scholarships for second BAs, and that won't cover everything.

You might consider reading a Master of Public Policy instead; it's got less philosophy and more economics, but all three disciplines are represented, you don't need any specific first degree to gain entry, and as a post-graduate course financial aid is more readily accessible.
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Thanks for your quick reply!

That does sound interesting. Do you think it would help my application if I redid A levels as I planned, or should I just go for it at the end of my degree?

I suppose I could try at the end of 2009 first, and If I don't succeed then go with improving my A levels (since past achievements are considered as well, as a CV is required)