George Bush's Third Crusade Against the Muslims

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Very Wise
Report 17 years ago
Sharon the spearhead of the Bush campaign against the Muslims in Palestine With the blessings of the
British, and the collaboration of the Arab rulers The massacres committed by Sharon in the Jenin
refugee camp - which he completely destroyed, where no less than fifteen thousand people lived, were
massacres and acts of destruction that were beyond description. As were the massacres of thousands
of Muslims and Christians committed in Nablus, and the rest of the refugee camps and Palestinian
cities, all beyond description. His stopping of ambulances from reaching hundreds of injured people,
leaving them to bleed to death; his destruction of mosques, and hundreds of homes with the people in
them; his barring of bodies from being rescued beneath the rubble; his arrest and torture of
thousands of people; his obstruction of food, water and medicine from reaching those still alive;
his banning of the media from going near these cities, villages and refugee camps that were
destroyed, so that they could not report on the brutal massacres committed by his army. All of these
were more terrible than the massacres he committed in Sabra and Shatilla, and what Jewish leaders
before him did in Dier Yasin and Kafr Qasim! They remind us of Bush's massacre of Muslims in the
Jangi fort in Mazar-e-shareef, and the rest of the Afghan cities, mosques, villages that were
destroyed while people were still residing in them. They remind us of the Serb massacre of Muslims
in Srebrenica, and other Bosnian villages that were under the protection of European forces, all of
which happened in full view of these forces. They remind us of the massacres committed by Putin in
Groznyy with respect to the Muslims of Chechnya! These massacres of Sharon were planned by the
Shaytaans of the White House: George Bush, **** Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condolisa Rice, Colin
Powell and other senior officials of the United States government. Additionally, they took place
with the collusion of the Arab rulers.

The blood boils when we see the Arab rulers receive them in their palaces, with a warm welcome!
They met the American envoys, like Colin Powell the US Secretary of State and others with wide
glowing smiles. They met with him while the pure and innocent blood of thousands of shaheeds and
injured Muslims in Jenin, and other refugee camps and Palestinian cities, had yet to dry! Those
Muslims, who died and were injured, were defending the sanctity of the first of the two Qiblahs,
the third sacred precinct, the blessed Masjid al- Aqsa, the land of Israa and Mi'raaj, whose
surroundings have been blessed.

Powell did not come to the region in order to bring about a ceasefire, as he claimed or as it was
said. Rather he came for two objectives. The first was so that he could demand that the Arab states
move on with the 'second stage' of the special American policy which they have termed as the fight
against terrorism. The second objective was to see what concessions and political gains he could get
in moving towards a settlement, under a climate of killing, torture and annihilation of
Palestinians. A day before coming to the region he stated: "The President does expect something to
happen soon, with respect to bringing this operation of destruction to some culminating point, where
we can start to see a movement in the other (political) direction." Therefore, it is no surprise
that he returned without a ceasefire, as he did not come for this objective, and Sharon has not
completed the mission delegated to him by the American administration. His negotiations concentrated
on the first and second point. He did not discuss the ceasefire except in a secondary manner meant
to appease and flatter. His discussions were focused on fighting terrorism more than anything else.
He tried to divert the attention from Sharon's crimes and to hide them. He demanded from the Arab
rulers that they work to uproot armed movements, with no leniency and with every means available,
for which he was ready to provide all the necessary help. He will send George Tenet, so that he can
make the Palestinian Authority fit once again to resume its role in pursuing the Palestinians,
especially in the Gaza strip, to complete the mission undertaken by Sharon. Powell has been to Syria
and Lebanon in order to push them to restrain Hezbollah and the other armed movements there, which
are included on the foreign ministry's list of terrorist organisations. He gave the same warning,
which had previously been given by Karrazi, the Iranian foreign minister, to restrain Hezbollah.

As regards moving forward with the political process, he began to work to push matters towards
achieving a solution, after the Bush administration finished its review of its special policy
regarding the issue of Palestine, which became one of the priorities of its foreign policy. It has
tried to move ahead with it after extensive study, and far from improvisation, which was mostly the
case last year. Therefore, it was expected that significant political actions would be undertaken
towards this direction. At the present moment America is striving to create a third party, with the
Jewish entity and the Palestinian Authority (PA), so as to share in the bearing of responsibility of
accepting difficult vital concessions. This third party is the Arab states as a whole. In other
words they are trying to make this an Arab issue, with respect to an acceptance of bearing
responsibility for the concessions, after the PA alone was unable to bear such huge
responsibilities, like the future of al-Quds for example. For this purpose an international
conference, or a regional conference with international backing, is being promoted. Through it, the
format of the negotiation will change with a very strong and effective Arab presence. That is why
Sharon is ready to attend it with Arafat, which is a sudden change to all his previous stances
towards Arafat. The American administration took the option of highlighting the role of Abdullah b.
Abdul Aziz, so that he can represent the Arab states by undertaking audacious actions, such as
meeting with the Jews, and speaking out openly of accepting huge concessions on behalf of the Arabs,
and signing, under the authorisation of the Arab rulers, joint peace treaties with the Jews based on
the resolutions of the Beirut conference, which adopted his initiative as the 'Arab initiative'.
This is what Marwan al-M'isher confirmed in his press conference held in Washington on 5/4/02 when
he said: "We felt after the conference that was held last week that we are able to come to a
historic agreement which gives the good news of a collective end to the conflict and it gives the
glad news of a collective peace treaty between the Arab states and Israel." It seems that Abdullah
is ready to give away Palestine as a sacrifice at the doorstep of the White House, as way of
preserving the throne of the Saudi Kingdom, after the American confidence in the ruling family's
ability to control matters was shaken, when it became clear to America that most of those who
undertook the September 11th attack were from the Kingdom. Thus, we warn the Islamic Ummah of the
outcome of the dangerous role Abdullah is prepared to play, to betray and settle the Palestinian
issue. America is following a policy of dividing up the issue into smaller steps, without entering
fully into a comprehensive solution all at once. Part of this will is so as to delay discussion over
the thorny issues to a later time, like the status of al-Quds, refugees and other issues that will
be agreed upon later. The United Nations, i.e. the Security Council, will have an effective role in
adopting the solutions and imposing them on all parties.

As for the relationship between the events taking place in occupied Palestine and America's special
policy regarding what they call the war on terrorism; on 11/3/2002 the US President, in an important
address, announced the intention to "go into the second stage of the war against terrorism." This
statement was given six months after September 11th, in front of a large gathering of diplomatic
delegations from the international alliance which stood with him in the war that he waged against
Afghanistan. There were also congressmen, members of the Supreme Court and representatives of
various American armed forces. He said in his address: "Now that the Taliban are gone and al-Qaeda
has lost its home base for terrorism, we have entered the second stage of the war on terror - a
sustained campaign to deny sanctuary to terrorists, who would threaten our citizens from anywhere in
the world." He announced America's readiness to help any state which wanted to fight terrorism: "I
have set a clear policy in the second stage of the war on terror: America encourages and expects
governments everywhere to help remove the terrorist parasites that threaten their own countries and
the peace of the world. If governments need training, or resources to meet this commitment, America
will help." He also outlined in his speech the style that his administration will follow in this
stage: "We will not send American troops to every battle, but America will actively prepare other
nations for the battle ahead."

The difference between this announcement and what was mentioned in the famous Bush speech on
20/9/2001, in which he announced the declaration of war against Afghanistan, is that the war in the
first stage was restricted to organisations which had a 'international reach' like the al-Qaeda
organization for example. Also, it was America which was executing the war directly. After the
announcement of 11/3/2002, the war is directed against 'national and regional' organizations like
the Islamic movement of Uzbekistan (IMU). America is executing this war in an indirect manner, by
providing assistance to states which are fighting them. So after declaring the second stage of what
they call the war on terrorism, all of the aforementioned armed organizations which have been placed
on the 'list of terrorist organizations' of the US State Department are being targeted seriously by
America, and not just by the states in which they operate. Thus, their elimination became only a
matter of time and opportunity. Although America was the one behind the establishment and funding of
many of the organisations mentioned on the list, she has taken the decision to stop adopting this
style, which was followed in the last century during the Cold War between her and the Soviet Union,
under the name of 'proxy war'. Presently she has stopped using this style since she suffered
unprecedented destruction, and loss of international prestige, due to the September 11th incident.
Thus she abandoned the use of this style in word and deed, and began to vehemently oppose it without
any leniency, and created an international public opinion against it. In order to fight it she
brought together what she calls 'the international alliance to fight terrorism.' She was not
satisfied with only announcing the war against armed movements, but also against those who 'help and
provide sanctuary, or those who extend them any form of assistance', whether states, peoples or
individuals. In this manner America is working to widen the meaning of the 'war on terrorism' to
include many of those who are hostile to the United States so that it becomes a strong tool in her
foreign policy, the same way she has widened the concept of human rights, which did not find a place
in the American foreign policy before the 1970's. She will widen the concept of 'terrorism' because
she has found unprecedented acceptance for it internally amongst the American people, because it is
linked to the events of September 11th. Also she has found an external acceptance for it amongst the
states subservient to her, which suffer from strong armed opposition. It has also enabled her to
delve deep into the internal policies of these states, and reveal their secrets under the pretext of
fighting terrorism. It has allowed her to acquaint herself and intervene in the media policy,
education curricula, intelligence agencies, fiscal and economical policies etc. With this purpose in
mind she passed resolution 1373 in the Security Council.

This is the 'second stage' of the American policy in regards to what they term as 'terrorism'. It is
via this that Bush and others pillars of his administration presently deal with armed actions
between Muslims and Jews in occupied Palestine. Before September 11th they used to consider them as
acts of violence due to the occupation. Now they have come to consider them as acts of terrorism as
opposed to self defence, acts which deserve their perpetrators be uprooted, acts which necessitate
that the Palestinians as a whole are punished because they provide a sanctuary for them. The
American policy is striving seriously to uproot armed Palestinian organisations. She is preparing to
give all types of assistance to the Jewish entity to undertake this task. During this new policy
Bush took the view that martyrdom operations were criminal acts undertaken by 'murderers' who
deserved to be killed, pursued and punished. He demands this from the other states. He, also places
continuous pressure, using all the influence he possesses, on the Arab rulers, whether they are his
agents or the agents of others, and applies pressure on Arafat and his cronies. He pressured all of
them to oppose such acts and to openly and strongly condemn them. He has ordered them to use all the
means possible: media, government institutions, newspapers, and writings of authors, thinkers and
Ulema to issue fatwas to prohibit them. The American government is ready to provide every
conceivable assistance to the rulers for this purpose. In this manner America has, for the first
time, placed what it calls the Middle East conflict in the context of the 'war against terrorism',
alongside the resistance to the Jewish occupation of Palestine for more than fifty years. In other
words, America has begun to use the idea of the war against terrorism as a tool of her foreign
policy. America has used what it calls terrorism to influence the stubbornness of the Jewish people,
and to create a justification for Sharon to slaughter the Palestinians.

Sharon and the rest of the Jews in America, Europe and all parts of the world have found their long
cherished wish in this American policy, openly and strongly biased to them. Bush has won approval
and praise, which he will get in abundance whether in the forthcoming Presidential elections or on
the Congressional level next November. This policy was heavily capitalised upon by Sharon and the
political medium in occupied Palestine. Especially since Sharon was thirsty to spill the blood of
Palestinians, who humiliated him before his people and the peoples of the world for a period of more
than 18 months, due to their legendary defiance with stones and light weapons before a huge military
arsenal. Also he and Bush since he came to power in the January of last year, were getting ready to
bring the Palestinian people to submission, even if it were by crushing them and destroying them by
force, murder, torture, deprivation and starvation, in order to break their determination which is
unyielding in the defence of their land, honour, rights and the defence of Masjid al-Aqsa, the land
of Israa (The Night Journey) and Mi'raaj (Ascension). This is because the people refused to accept
all the agreements signed by the insolent traitors: Arafat and his cronies in Oslo, Wye River,
Mitchell, Tenet and other agreements which have stained their history, and their long Jihad against
people who are the most severe in their hatred for the believers: i.e. the Jews. The people are
ready to tear up any new agreements thought up by Abdullah b. Abdul Aziz, Arafat, and his cronies
like Mahmud Abbas, Ahmad Qurai'a and other traitors.

Sharon seized on the green light to carryout the 'complete destruction of Palestinian cities and
refugee camps to uproot the armed movements' given by **** Cheney who visited no less than 10 states
in the region between 12 -19 March: Jordan, Egypt, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Sultanate of Oman, Emirates,
Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and (Israel). He sneaked into the region at a time when news of 'the
initiative of the traitor Abdullah' and preparations for the Beirut summit, and news of the expected
strike against Iraq was dominating the atmosphere in the region, not to mention the deception and
distortion used to cover up the aim. All of this concealed the true aim of the visit, which Bush
considered as being "successful and achieved progress". It was the most dangerous visit to be
undertaken by an American official since Bush assumed the presidency at the beginning of last year.
Rather, it could be considered the most dangerous visit since the second gulf war in 1991, since we
know that Cheney and the Defence Secretary are the ones who incite wars. We know that his visit to
the region is an ominous warning for the Muslims, especially the Palestinians. He came to the region
with the aim of 'kindling the fires of a comprehensive war on the cities and refugee camps, in order
to punish the Palestinians and uproot the armed movements', proceeding from the American policy in
its 'second stage' and pushing them to accept the solutions prescribed to them. Cheney stopped off
in Britain, which is a strong European ally. Thus, Blair came to know what the Americans were
planning for the Palestinians. He gained support and approval as we can see from their joint press
conference after the talks. He then headed for the states in the region and held talks with friends
and allies (as he puts it), on the topic of fighting terrorism, which represents the main obstacle
in front of the political negotiations regarding the Middle East crisis!! This has come to mean the
war against Palestinian organizations and those Palestinians who help them. As for what he discussed
with regards to Iraq, the most known of it was the instruction to the Gulf states to make peace with
Iraq, so that Iraq can proceed easily along the path of treachery with the initiative of the traitor
Abdullah, and to create a consensus at the Beirut summit.

Cheney finished his visit with the important meeting, for whose sake he came from the United States
and toured the region's states. He held this meeting in his last stopover with Sharon on 19/3/2002
in occupied Jerusalem. There he gave the green light to begin the complete annihilation, after he
paved the way for him with the Arab rulers that he visited. The widely circulated newspaper, The
Washington Post, revealed the significance of this meeting on
25/3/2002 saying: "an agreement has been concluded between Cheney and Sharon that the latter will
destroy the Palestinian cites and refugee camps." No sooner did the Arab summit finish in
Beirut on 28/3/2002, in which they offered to cede to the Jews the Palestinian lands before
1948 i.e. 78% of the whole of Palestine, and granted them safety and security in return for
leaving whatever is left to its people. They offered this historic betrayal which they called
the initiative of Abdullah, or the Arab initiative. No sooner did this take place and as soon
as the Arab rulers reached their homes, Sharon occupied Ramallah on the 29/3/2002, and began
to implement what he had agreed with Cheney in terms of the complete destruction, massacres,
and torture!

It goes without saying that the Arab rulers are partners to Bush and Sharon in committing this
historic crime, or in collusion with them 'in the torture of Palestinians and the attempt to uproot
armed organizations,' after this silence from them, the silence of the dead towards the grave events
taking place in Palestine, which have shaken the emotions of the Ummah, except for her rulers, from
her very depths from one end to the other. It is unlikely that they did not know of these events
before they occurred even if Bush and Cheney had not informed them, especially, when they have a
huge secret service apparatus, which are a tremendous burden on the budgets of these states. We can
say that some of them knew of the American conspiracy against the Palestinians before Cheney's
visits, like king Abdullah and Husni Mubarak. Bush stated in his joint press conference with king
Abdullah during his visit to America on 1/2/2002: ".indeed what will obstruct peace is terrorism,
the sooner we eliminate it the sooner we will get a quick and peaceful solution to the region." He
also said: "What we need in order to work for this solution is to fight terrorism on all fronts in
the Middle East.we have a peace plan but that starts from seriously concentrating on fighting
terrorism." He said: "I value highly the support of King Abdullah in uprooting terrorism." In a
joint press conference on 5/3 with Mubarak who visited America Bush said: "I wish to remind everyone
that it is difficult to achieve any kind of peace as long as the cycle of violence continues. One of
the issues we have spoken about is the best way in which we can together break the cycle of
violence." He said: "the main thing is to find a solution to break the cycle of violence.I am proud
of our alliance. I value his friendship - Mubarak - and his firm resolve to uproot terrorism
wherever it might be." As for the collusion of Arafat and his cronies against the sincere sons of
Palestine in order to eliminate them, this is as clear as the sun ever since the time when they came
back from Tunisia until now, the truth of which even the dust and stones of Palestine can bear
witness to. Years before Sharon came (to power) they had been pursuing the sincere ones, imprisoning
them, killing them and torturing them. They would not have hesitated from undertaking the recent
task undertaken by Sharon if they were able to do so. For example, they did not miss the opportunity
of collaborating with Sharon's recent crimes when they handed over to him hundreds of Palestinians
so as to arrest them, to be rid of them and to annihilate them.

The American-Jewish war against the Muslims of Palestine has not stopped or come to an end. Rather
they are planning to extend it to the Gaza strip and South Lebanon to eliminate anyone who one day
plans to undertake martyrdom operations against them.

These are the dimensions of the latest American conspiracy against the Muslims of Palestine i.e.
the dimensions of what they call the 'second stage' of the war against terrorism. This is the
extent to which the Jews have reached in terms of exploiting the conspiracy in the slaughter of
Palestinians through collective massacres, torture and destruction of their homes. This is the
point to which the Arab rulers from the hypocrites and traitors have reached by collaborating in
the conspiracy and colluding with America and the Jews in these massacres. America at the present
moment is the head of kufr in her hostility towards us, and the states behind her are enemies to
us. Just as Quraysh was the head of kufr in its hostility to the Messenger ., and the tribes behind
them were enemies to him .. As long as we fail to emulate him . and do not take the hostile stance
as a basis for dealing with America, just as the Messenger . took the hostile stance as a basis for
dealing with Quraysh, then America will continue to kill us, torture us and bring upon us
misfortune after misfortune whether as individuals, groups or peoples, without fear of any
repercussions. Therefore, the political hypocrisy shown by the rulers of this Ummah is suicide and
a stab in the back of the Ummah. It is a concealment of the facts, cowardice and open treachery.
Thus, America needs to be treated as a state with whom we are in actual war, and the rulers need to
shut down her embassies in our lands because they are centres from which they spy on us. Diplomatic
relations with America must be severed because it is the diplomats who work to hatch conspiracies
with the hypocrites against us. We have to stop taking help and loans from her because they give
America authority over us. He . said:

"And never will Allah grant to the disbelievers a way over the believers" [TMQ 4: 141].

And other necessary measures need to be taken which will stop the influence of this kaafir state
and its control over us. As for the Jews, our position with regards to them in occupied Palestine
is a military issue, which can only be resolved in the battlefield after sufficient preparation has
been made, whatever sacrifices that may entail. As for the statement of the rulers, that "peace
with them is strategic decision", it is to admit defeat without a fight, an example of which this
Ummah has not seen in her long history. It is a humiliation and betrayal of the Ummah. It enables
her enemies from the Jews to attack and move around unrestricted. Those who negotiate must stop
playing games with this vital issue and prepare themselves for the decisive day. As for the
hypocritical rulers, indeed it is the sincere ones from the people of power and force that can
break their knot and rid the Ummah from their evil, once they purified their intentions and were
honest to Allah in their efforts.

This is the third crusader campaign unleashed by George Bush, against the Muslims in Palestine on
11/3/2002. He took Sharon, the Jew, the butcher, as the poisoned spearhead in order to execute it,
after Bush had become certain that Arafat and his cronies - who had tried many times - were unable
to do the job in accordance with the agreements they signed with the Jews: the memorandum of mutual
recognition between the PLO and the Jewish entity directed by Arafat to Rabin on 9/9/93; the Oslo
agreement (Gaza-Areha) on
25/4/94; Wye River agreement on 23/10/98; and the acceptance of the Mitchell report and the Tenet
agreement. As for the first crusader campaign of Bush, it was against the Muslims of
Afghanistan to remove their rulers who had separated themselves from subservience to him. He
took the attack of al-Qaeda as justification for the attack. He used the Northern Alliance as
the poisoned spearhead which facilitated and enabled him to destroy Afghanistan with its Muslim
inhabitants within. Then he restored Afghanistan under his control, after the country had freed
itself from him. Work is in full swing to shape it anew, so as to distance Afghanistan from
Islam and to westernise it under the auspices of the United Nations and under direction from
America. The second crusader campaign of Bush was against the Muslim Kashmiri groups in
Pakistan, when he took India's side. Pervez Musharraf conspired with him, and thus, in his
speech on 12/1/2002, he declared a comprehensive war to uproot Kashmiri groups. He began to
arrest, pursue and torture them and seize their property after America had continuously
provoked him in public and even though Musharraf used to describe them as 'freedom fighters'
before his vicious campaign against them.

With sincere hearts we draw the attention of all those who are sincere in the armed Islamic groups,
who are working in the Islamic world that they should be aware of the danger of the new
international position towards them. The time has come for them to be aware of the enemies waiting
behind their backs. These enemies are the hypocrite rulers who are agents of the kaafir states.
Those rulers, whose danger is no less than the danger of enemy states. They should not hesitate to
cut any relations they have with the existing states in the Islamic world, whatever type of
relationship it may be. We warn them about their dealing with any ruler for in such dealing there is
true destruction, and a danger to the future of these sincere shabab who are willing to sacrifice.
The best work to protect oneself from the evil of those rulers is to remove them, by establishing
the righteous Khilafah on their ruins, so that the Khilafah helps every exhausted old person, and
every woman in distress. So that it protects every small child and every individual Muslim. So that
it responds to the call of every bereaving mother and the screams of the oppressed. So that it
establishes the Haqq (truth) and spreads justice throughout every corner of this world. So that it
stands in the way of the haughtiness, aggression and arrogance of kufr after the air, land and
waters have become covered with its corruption. He . said:

"Verily, the Imam is a shield behind whom the Muslims fight and seek protection."

O Noble Ummah:

We are the target of the conspiracies of the Kuffar from the Christians of the west and Jews, who
are doing this in collaboration with our rulers, the hypocrites and traitors. These are aimed at us
like the dark night. No sooner is one conspiracy finished does the ugly head of another one appear
which is more grievous and bitter. By Allah! Nothing can save you except your Islam. This will be by
re-establishing the Righteous Khilafah, which will raise the Name of Allah the highest and raise the
banner of Laa ilaha illaAllah high while it flutters above the heads of the worlds. It will protect
the best Ummah after it had been attacked on all sides by the nations of kufr and shirk. We pray to
Allah with a sincere heart that He saves us and protects us from their evils. We implore with a sad
and painful soul the people of power and force to embark on saving their Ummah, which has become red
with the blood of the Shuhadaa in the massacres of Jenin and other Palestinian refugee camps and
cities. So what is it that you are waiting for? Are you waiting for more massacres, more
humiliation, shame and disgrace to be witnessed by other nations across the satellite channels? Are
you pleased with the life of this world rather than the hereafter? Has the time not come for you to
say the decisive word, after such a long wait!? He
. said:

"O you who believe! What is the matter with you, that when you are asked to march forth in the Cause
of Allah (jihad) you cling heavily to the earth? Are you pleased with the life of this world rather
than the hereafter? But little is the enjoyment of the life of this world as compared with the
Hereafter" [TMQ 9: 38].

"Verily, We will indeed make victorious Our Messengers and those who believe, in this world's life
and on the Day when the witnesses will stand forth (Day of Judgment)" [TMQ 40: 51].

Hizb ut-Tahrir 7 Safar 1423 AH 20th April 2002
Report 16 years ago
Very wise

I want to give you a detailed post on this but exams & circumstances.

Just to sum up briefly on what you have said there

I do not believe in Jewish scriptures, but the Prophet (saws) asked us (the muslims) not to believe them and not to deny them. According to Jewish scriptures, they will rule for 70 yrs and then they will collapse. So, 2 decades sounds about right according to Jewish scriptures, but Allah knows best. Let us hope sooner insha Allah.

So all what you have stated is hardly surprising

If I get a chance i will get back to you on this in more detail.
Report 16 years ago
From an aethiest standpoint, and from a living in the Arab Emirates as a British citizen standpoint, I agree.

Isreal should be made to comply, or risk invasion by coalition forces for the crimes against humanity of it's government.

Bush should back off, and get the hell out of Isreal's politics where he has no authority and just makes matters worse. In fact, I'll be happier the sooner the last american troop is out of Iraq and a stable, non- puppet government is in place.

And Blair should stop being such a lapdog.
Report 16 years ago
bush and blair r gay
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