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Hld Bede has 6 mens football teams and 2 womens. I'm fancying myself for the 2nd/3rd team (mens, obviously).

You might want to look at this
Chemistry Research, Durham University
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Yeah, all colleges will have teams in all the major sports (Football, rowing, rugby, etc.) but for smaller things like, erm...maybe table tennis (if you wanted to do that) then best check out the JCR websites of the colleges you're interested in ( and head for the sports & societies sections.

Trevs has 2 mens football teams, but as goldenbarnes said, Hild Bede tend to have the most of any teams since they're such a massive college! But then, ALL colleges will accept you onto their teams, just as long you pay some membership fees, doesn't matter how crap you are!

And on the topic of rowing...go for it, it's a cool sport to be a part of :smile:
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Argh! Rowers!

:eek: What's wrong with rowers? OK yeah DUBC rowers are a bit over the top lol - they think they rule the river which can be annoying.

But college rowing is where it's at - the Novice Cup, the Senate Cup, the Pennants Series, and then the summer Regattas - nothing quite as exciting as a good ol' rowing race between rival colleges!

I'm sure more people go to watch rowing races than they do college football/rugby/hockey/darts/etc. matches
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I don't whine about getting up early...I know it's my choice! Though I do if it's raining or snowing hehe!

And to Juxtapiped - no you don't have to be big and broad! I'm not at all, I'm only 5'8 (which is short for a rower), and although I am quite strong I'm nowhere near as strong as the Senior Crew of Trevs Boat Club - you don't have to be serious to row, as long as you can find a crew who want to go out now and then and have a laugh on the river, and you pay the fees (which, in some places are quite high for rowing - Trevs I think is the lowest for boat club fees - may be wrong!) then you can row.

As I said, college sports ANYONE can join as long as you pay! You just might not get to compete until you're good enough! :smile: