A degree in Media is a waste of time

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Hey guys,

I just thought id post a message, perhaps one that is quite controversial. I am currently studying Business, Computing and Information technology Bsc at Aston and i am getting fed up of 4-5 of my friends who are doing Media degrees.

With most universities offering Media this and media that i am seriously questioning the need for so many media graduates. Are there really going to be jobs for media graduates? My media degree 'friends' actually think they're going to finish uni and go to work for radio 1 or bskyb. The worst one is my mate rich who is at Thames valley studying media production BA. He is certain that once he leaves he will be 'snapped up' by some media mogul and make thousands of pounds and actually has the cheek to ridicule me doing my course despite the fact Aston is the 5th best business school in the country!

I think the most ironic thing is that they are under the impression that they are more employable than anyone else, when it is the comlete opposite.

Have any of you had the experience of idiots doing waste-of-time media degrees? They're all going to be stacking shelves in a few years...i bet.
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Sheesh, nice to know you're a great friend. Atleast they're doing well in a course that they enjoy, you should be happy for them, not comming on here and *****ing about them.
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