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so here's the situation:
Feel free to jump over to the black sentence at the end if you dont want to read all my blabbering:p:

I study an old German degree that is equivalent to a Masters degree. I'm very interested in Economic History, Politics and Japanese studies. Unfortunately my Uni changed their degrees from this old one to Bachelor/Master one year after I started, so I can't change my side-subjects (I have a main subject, which is history as well as 2 side subjects, which are law and education) anymore.
Well, now I want to specialise in Economic history and/or history of transnational Relations. But, since there is virtually no Economic History at my Uni I feel like I'm lacking the economic skills/knowledge to become good on this field.
So I really want to beginn a second degree in addition to my actual one, and it should have something to do with economics.

Which brings me to my second point. I was lucky and unlucky at the same time. Because of some circumstances I dont want to explain, I was able to begin my studies 2 years prior than the average german student, so Im now at the age the normal student would start Uni (21). In addition I studied a little bit faster than necassary the last years so I could take my time with the old degree. BUT, I paid for it with my social life, I really studied hard, worked a lot and in the last 3 or 4 years I became a loner at Uni. I only have a single guy at Uni I'd call my friend, all people I got to know these years were over sports, work or similar things. I also never attended any 1year events so Im not in any groups... and I feeld like I've missed something.

But... I'm glad, now I have the chance to do the stuff I didnt do so far, socially as well as academically.

So here are the options:
#1 Choosing East Asian studies with Japanese focuss and take Economics as side-discipline.
The Pros are definately I had the chance to go to Japan for almost free, I'd learn a language Im interested in (ok, im already learning it^^, but not at such a level), the courses include economics and history of East Asia and Japan which is really cool AND the best thing, the people are really nice, I already made friends with a Japanese girl who studies in Germany and Im so glad. There are loads of people with the same interests as me so I think Im going to have a very fun time.
The Cons though, I wouldnt suit my academic interest entirely and its gonna be hard to get into it. And the job perspectives are pretty bad, if my main plan fails... but I won't explan that here or else my post would be too long (if it isn't already:p: )

#2 Choosing Economics/Business Administration and Social Sciences.
The Pros would be, its perfect for my acadmic interests and my future career. The possibilities would be almost limitless. I already completed one module (the law module since it were the same classes I had in my law-side-discipline). So it would be much easier to get into.
The Cons are, it is much, much more work than option #1, and I fear it will consume me entirely, also, not in bad way, it would be fun Im sure, but it would destroy my social life. Also, since I had some classes with them, the students in this degree are not really "my type", lol, in one class my "partners" for a presentation dropped one week before presentation day because the chose an easier class so I was alone and got pwned since I couldt do the work of three alone , well I got a B- at the end, but Im still angry about it.

So to break it down to a simple decision it's either hobby and social life or career and more fun learning.

Well, sometimes I think this, and sometims that...wahhh:woo:

Thank you

Pls excuse the virtually missing punctuation, its already late :P

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