The GCE ADVANCED LEVEL - Advanced or Sequel?

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Just finished secondary schooling at White Hart Lane School in Nrth London (1 of the worst skls in the country) and now attend college persuing 4AS Level exams.
What i want to find out from the wide scope of view on this forum is whether or not Advanced Level is actually as hard as teachers at my secondary made it out 2b

EG; History teacher i quote 'you have to have a B or more at GCSE even then History will b imposs, its definitely 50x harder than GCSE History'

or English 'Pupils from WHL with B's have dropped out from English Lit bcoz they received the legendary 'U' grade'

So, obviously the A Level is a much more condensed examination...
its requires devotion and understanding at a higher level than GCSE but surely the A grade isnt an impossible gaze? with over 20% of candidates getting A grades in their exams, AS levels could b seen as just a sequel of the GCSE only at a so called 'reduced' number of subjects.
For example, my personal view would b that the depth of undestanding for an AS Level is perhaps equivalent to 3 GCSE's, each module being the weight of 1 GCSE. Nevertheless from my limited experience of the A Level system, i can say that the you can't pass an A Level with 'common sense' - you have to learn the stuff whereas at GCSE upto a B grade can b obtained from just common sense application and very rudimentary knowledge...

WELL there you have it.... a topic open for discussion! I've given a kick start, hope to see more of ur views on this...

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A levels aren't really that difficult. Definitely not what those teachers make it out to be.
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AS arent meant to be difficult; theyre meant to be so everyone can pass them at least
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The theories behind AS were to give people longer before they specialised (i.e. only studied subjects from a very narrow part of the educational spectrum) and to give people credit who work for a year at a subject then drop it because they've had enough, or don't enjoy it any more and so on.

IMO they're not very difficult, I managed to get an A for AS History mostly by spending 2 days cramming (and by cramming I mean just reading my notes). Most of the subjects are pretty formulaic, one of the reasons places like Cambridge ask for things like STEP - on those you have to think more.

Don't get me wrong though, I'm not just saying ASs are easy because I passed mine, I'm just saying that they could be harder (not something I'd wish upon people though, they were a pretty stupid idea to begin with).
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