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Anybody else doing AH?
I'm finding A2 Document Studies really difficult!
We have so many sources to learn and i don't know where to begin.
I'm doing Greek History: Athenian Empire 450 BC - 410 BC > anybody else doing this?
All i want to know is what exactly are we meant to know for Document studies - i asked my teacher and he said some sources and examples of Athenian control of alies etc.
I did this but i still wound up getting an E for my mock.
Is it even possible to pass this subject??
Thanks xx
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Hey there, i'm teaching myself this subject at A/S and i'm a bit stuck when it comes to exam technique aswell. I'm pretty sure your on the ocr board because i'm doing the Athenian Empire 450BC to 410 BC aswell are you working from the old syllabus or new one? If i were you i'd try to stick to the major Greek historians of the time. I'm making a list of memorable and useful sources from Thucydides, Aristophanes, Plutarch and also some of the inscriptions you find in the Lactors. I'm also noting down there reliability and what i'd use the source for. I think this papers more about how you can interpret a source as opposed to knowing about the sorce its self. After looking at past papers a lot of the sources they use are quite obscure so i wouldn't bother learning them. I hope that helps a bit. Well at least you know your not the only one struggling with the course :woo:

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