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Choosing an Oxford College

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Original post by nexttime

Original post by nexttime
Most colleges are really beautiful... then you see the scar from the disease Oxford caught that was the 60s. I'd really like to strangle the people that thought things like this in the middle of a 450-y/o quad was a GOOD idea :facepalm:
I think it looks quite cool from above though
Original post by fluteflute

Unfortunately...that's not the view most people will be getting :tongue:

Trinity has some lovely lawns and a small patch of woodland and then someone plonks a 1960s eyesore right next to the lovely greenery :s-smilie:
Magdalen and Christ Church destroy all other colleges when it comes to beauty.
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oh my goodness, where is that??

Just realised the url says it's Christ Church.

It's incredible!
I think they're all beautiful in their own ways :yep:

However, Exeter is so pretty in the snow! (it was snowing when i went for my interview last December... sigh...)
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I hate to admit that I think my college looks nothing compared to the others... *sigh*

I guess it is pretty, it is, but compared to the others... Thanks for cheering me up guys! :tongue:
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Original post by skotch
oh my goodness, where is that??

Just realised the url says it's Christ Church.

It's incredible!

Yes indeed! Largest quad in Oxford I think...
Original post by The_Lonely_Goatherd
Woosta :awesome:

No bias at all there :ninja:

Apparently they used to have kangaroos there, crazy
I'd say Corpus Christi is pretty beautiful, along with Brasenose college
Original post by dnumberwang
Apparently they used to have kangaroos there, crazy

Indeed. We passed a motion to get some new wallabies but I don't think the SCR wanted anymore animals besides the ducks :biggrin:
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Original post by Luceria
I've been there and I think it's called the Tom quad. Christ Church is indeed beautiful.

I was there too :wink: Yes its Tom Quad
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Exeter is lovely, particularly the Fellows' Garden. Sadly, the college didn't escape the 1960s unscathed, so Margary quadrangle has been completed with square blocks. Relative to other colleges, though, we've done quite well - at least the additions are the same colour as the rest of the buildings on site.

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Has anyone seen Lincoln? Is it nice? I'm thinking of applying there for my PhD

All Souls is pretty damn beautiful....though I doubt I'd ever have a reason to go in apart from tourism :frown:
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Trinity always makes my head turn when I go past.
I think Oriel's pretty... again, not at all biased!

St Catherine's.

Lol jk, Magdalen is the nicest.
Post-medieval colleges can be pretty though. There's Mansfield for example:


Applying to Oxford for the 2012 entry to study medicine. I'm desperately trying to chose a college, and i'm torn between; Queen's College, St Catherine's (Catz) and St John's. I was wondering if anyone could give me any feedback with what any of them are like? (Or others!) I know there are lots of these threads with pro's and con's but it would be good to get a range of opinions :biggrin:

Thank you! :biggrin:

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