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Offer Flexibility

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Open Offer = the college you applied to liked you, but had too many good applicants and likewise no other college can take you at the moment. HOWEVER, you are GUARANTEED a place at Oxford if you meet the offer requirements. You get allocated to a college where someone else misses their grades following results day. If no-one misses their grades, the college who made the Open Offer are obliged to squeeze you in. In my case, I applied to New College, they liked me (I got a letter saying they understood another college was going to take me) and sent me to St Hilda's for more interviews. They sent me a letter saying that they didn't have enough spaces but I would be awarded an Open Offer. A couple of days after results days Lincoln College contacted me to say 2 of their Physicists had missed the grades and they were taking me :biggrin:

Oh I wish Cambridge did that! The pooling system is rubbish!
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Hmmm, my cambridge offer letter specifically stated that it 'might be possible' for them to 'relax' the offer conditions come exam results in august.

In Sidney's case this is extremely unlikely, especially as you've applied for English and we had very strong candidates this year. One of my friends missed his offer by a single IB point and was told it was highly unlikely that he would be accepted, but another economist in our year missed their offer by an A-level grade so my friend got lucky! At Cambridge you have a chance of being put into the summer pool if you miss the grades, but no college is obliged to take you from there. As each college gives out slightly more offers than they can accommodate, it varies how many they take from the pool each year.

Actually, thinking about it, the English candidates from your school who are already at Sidney are very good, so that might count in your favour if Sidney wanted to pick an English candidate from the pool.

(Sorry, in a rush so didn't read the replies on pages 2 and 3.)