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Advice and Info on Oxford Masters in English

I am writing to request advice on the Mst. and MPhil offered at Oxford. I am an American student due to finish my undergraduate in British Literature in spring of 2006. Any information you might have would be very helpful!!
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Hmm...I have friends on the MSt course. I think they're currently finding it a little frustrating: apparently it's not significantly different from undergrad. I mean, obviously, the thesis is longer, but apparently the lectures aren't aimed at a hugely higher level. Then again, these are people who got their firsts with some distinction...

I don't know...I've always been a little wary of Oxford English because of the historical (rather than prac crit) angle - but then, I've been thoroughly indoctrinated by the Other Place.

Hmm, this is all sounding a bit negative. I don't mean it to. I bet it would be an amazing place to study - there are some amazing fellows there, and it's a lovely town.
University of Oxford, Pawel-Sytniewski
University of Oxford
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I don't really know anything about the MA at Oxford, but I did my D.Phil there and if you want to know anything [generic] relating to postgraduate study at Oxford, then feel free to drop me a PM.

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Or me! :biggrin:
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I don't have a spanner.. may be you should go Shiny! :smile:
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I defer to my mums infinite wisdom :cool:
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Nah! I'm old and past it! Shiny is 'New Fluffy' :wink:
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Which masters do you mean? there are 4, all covering different periods. I'm going up in October to start the medieval one.