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    Please keep anon because the person this is about does use TSR,
    Right theres this guy who is my best friend also my ex boyfriend (from over a year ago) but we get along amazingly.

    Recently we've been sleeping together and i said it feels like we're seeing each other but he's insistant we're just "good friends"
    We either txt, talk on the phone or see each other everyday. We kiss and cuddle and get along really well.

    Neither of us has anyone else in our lives and i'm the only person he's kissed or done more with in like 3 months.

    We broke up because he went to uni and the long distance relationship was really difficult on us both especially because we were neighbours and then suddenly 200 miles apart, i became very depressed and jealous when he was with girls who admittedly were friends but i was just annoyed they got to spend more time with my boyfriend and kind of took it out on him. Then he eventually just didnt want to be in a relationship anymore.

    But now we are at Uni's half an hour apart and in holidays we're still neighbours. And i am no way like that now.

    Also neither of us have had bf/gf's since, i've been the closest out of the two of us to getting a new relationship but everytime i do my ex gets obviously jealous about the guy and make up some nasty nickname e.g. a guy who was 3 years older than me was a paedo.
    And then the new guy doesnt understand our "friendship" and it never works out

    My friends say we're always flirting when we're around each other.
    We have pet nicknames for each other.
    He says i'm beautiful and prefers the person i am now to when we were dating.

    I dont have feelings of love or anything like that but i do think i have a little crush on him and he does with me but he insists "its the feeling shared between first loves"

    I think he's in major denial about whats going on because after all of this he still says this is just a special friendship.

    Please can i have an outsiders opinion on this?
    I dont want a relationship from him or even to change whats going on, i just would like to know what "this" is because talking to him isnt helping :/

    I dont know whether to cut ties with him (which is difficult because of our past and we have several mutual friends and he really is my best friend and always there for me when i need him) or keep doing "this" which i honestly dont mind doing, i just want him to admit its not a friendship

    Quite alot to take in i know :P but if anyone has been in this situation or has advice for me, please help

    I think he does like you a lot but he just doesn't want to commit for some bizarre reason. I think he's playing you a bit though

    Lol you gave quite a lot of information for someone who didn't want him to know who it was... Anyway, I agree with the post above.
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