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Hi everyone,
I am doing my biology coursework 4 gcse, and it is about the rate of a reaction with potato and a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water. I have done mine about the concentration of substrate (hydrogen peroxide). I was wondering if anyone could help me with the evaluation. I no basically wot u have 2 write but can anyone tell me wot else i can put as i want 2 get a really good grade cos i wanna do biology 4 as level.
Thanx 2 anyone who can help me!!!

below is my method, i thought that may help.

First of all I checked that all the safety measures I have previously mentioned were in place and I then started setting up the apparatus for my experiment. I secured the gas syringe to the right height on the clamp stand and I then proceeded to collect the rest of my apparatus so I could start carrying out my pilot investigation. Once I had got my other apparatus together I proceeded to fill a beaker three-quarters full of Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2). I did this so I did not have to keep measuring out the amounts H2O2 that I needed straight into the measuring cylinder incase I over filled it and had to pour some back. This also meant that I did not need to keep going backwards and forwards to the bottle of H2O2 after each of my repeats was over. Next I mixed together my substrate solution which consisted, sometimes of water and Hydrogen Peroxide and I poured it into the conical flask that I was using in my experiments. I then chose a potato with as little number of holes in it as possible so I could get the largest number of discs possible out of the same potato – If I changed the potato, I could be changing other factors that may affect the outcome of my experiment. Next I cut the segments of potato into small discs 5mm long. I then checked that the gas syringe was placed on 0 and with the help of somebody else, I dropped the 20 discs of potato into my substrate solution, placed the bung on the conical flask and started the timer. I then recorded the amount of gas given off every 10 seconds for 2 minutes and in virtually all of my experiments, the enzyme and the substrate had not finished reacting at the end of the 2 minutes.

sorry its so long, but thank-you sssssssssssoooooooo much 4 offering 2 help!!!

I am really desperate as it has 2 b handed in soon!!!! Please help me!
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