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How do you say the word...

Lapel? La-pel or lay-pl?

Also the shop Reiss... Reese or Rice?

I heard someone call it rice today and was like :lolwut: So just wanted the general concensus!

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La-pel and I've only ever heard someone say Reiss once, and she pronounced it Reese so I'll have to go by that. Left to my own devices, I would've said Rice probably :P I've managed to avoid saying it though through uncertainty. Hate pronouncing words incorrectly.
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Rice.. Because if you pronounce it like it was a german word, not sure if it is, it would be rice I think.

And la-pel
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Hmm maybe it is Rice after all and i'm the one who has been wrong all these years! But my mum says Reese and she shops there all the time.
La-pel. I've always pronounced Reiss as rice, but I could be wrong. I've never actually heard someone other than myself say the name before.
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La-pel. And Reiss looks German, in which case you take the second vowel and say that (so 'ie' would be said 'ee', and 'ei' would be said like 'I').
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La-pel, and Rice.
La-pel for me :smile:
La-pel and Rice like many others. Though I've never shopped there or anything so I'm not sure if I'd said it out loud before. But I'd say rice if I was gonna.
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It's 'Reese', you tedious people. It's a Scottish name, not German, lol.
For me:
i say reese which appears to be wrong :blush:
and lu-pel (just to add another option (A) lol
i say reese which appears to be wrong :blush:

You're one of the few people in this thread competent in the English language, as it happens.
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La-pel and rice :smile:
reese and la-pel
reece and la-pel
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Reese and La-pel :smile:
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erm... L-pel and i'd probs say rice, but thats cos im hooked on german =)
Lay-pl and Rice

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