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Brunel/Uxbridge Expensive?

Brunel = Firm choice sept 09.

Been from the north, when i say i'm going to Brunel in west london they comment on the expense of living there. :eek3:
How exactly expensive is it in comparison to other places? Accomodation seemed priced fairly ok to me. What about nightlife? food? etc?

Views from any experienced Brunel goers would be appreciated. Thanks.

Well, I live in London anyway, so I think it's all priced normally.
Main Concourse, Brunel University
Brunel University London
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Same as above, I live in London, I know that the Uxbridge area has a great night life with all the clubs etc... For me the price is normal but maybe as you are coming from the north, it may seem a little expensive for you. (I dont know the prices from the north, just an assumption!)
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I think compared to the north you'll find it expensive,yeah. But the fact it's kind of outside London (despite being called 'West London') makes it definitely cheaper than Central London.
Thanks. I think it's just an assumption people make. Accomodation's the same as other places. As for food theres tesco's nearby which surely can't be that expensive, maybe a little bit more. And as for going out i think i'l tend to go into Uxbridge rather than central Landon most of the time, apart from when i'm meeting up with 50 Cent/Calvin Harris etc..