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Ohhh!!! I did my D.Phil at Wolfson - it might not be the prettiest of Colleges, but it's certainly the best graduate College in Wolfson - it's really really friendly, full of some of the top bods in their areas. Being on the river is fantastic, guarenteed accommodation for all first years, great bar, great bops. It's the only college in Oxford to have one common room to which everyone belongs (no MCR/SCR split), which means the fellows get very involved as well as the students!

Dinners are great at Wolfie, plus the have an excellent exchange dinner programme (I know because I started it when I was Common Room President!)

Take a look at their clubs and socs page and bar pages for a feel of student life:

It takes 15 minutes to get from Wolfson to Borders on foot...

In a moment of madness I chose Wolfson over Keeble, and I am so glad that I did! Give the place a chance, it really is a fab place!
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PS - if you really can't be arsed to walk into town the college minibus runs a service mid day,

and there are regualr buses from Banbury Road into town (2, 7, 10).
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it's certainly the best graduate College in Wolfson

Wow! :p:
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LOL @ the best grad college in Wolfson!! LMAO! :P

What's the exchange dinner thing btw?

I'm definitely going to accept the offer (well, I would be an idiot to turn down Oxford for the college), but my main worry is that being so far from the town kind of "isolate" you from the rest of student life at Ox. How's Wolf in that respect?

Thanks a lot btw :smile:
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Echange dinners - going to other colleges for formal hall and then them coming to dine at Wolfson.

Wolfie has great links with other MCRs, and I really don't think desolate comes into it :wink: Actually it's nice not boing right in the centre of town with the chavs and drunks looking for a fight, the all night noise etc!

Wolfson is the top grad college, in terms of facilities, fellows (equal with Green), and it's the richest grad Coll. It's also the largest!

Seriously, I think you'll love Wolfson - it's an odd place to begin with, but it definitely grows on you (and not in an 'mould' kinda way!).

Feel free to PM me or ask specific qu's here. I am biased in that I loved wolfie, but heh!
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You guys are making me feel better and better about it, lol!

Yeah, I agree about the weird place to begin with, know, you get the offer from the uni and you start dreaming about the life in good ol' ancient Oxford and then they send you so far away, and I was like WTF??! Then again I read that grads from Trinity are sent to live more or less near Wolfson, so O_O.

However, if they seem to be so involved with other colleges in Wolfie I don't think it should be a problem for me. It's also good to know that is a good college academically speaking. I got a bit panicky cause I couldn't get hold of any real info since most people on this MB are undergrads.

What are the best clubs in Wolfson? I love playing music, but the music club website is a bit poor...
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Wolfie is academically strong in both the Arts and Sciences - from a science point of view (being a geneticist at heart), they have the likes of Bryan Sykes (Seven Daughters of Eve et al), (Sir) Tony Epstein (Epstein Barr Virus), (Sir) Gareth Roberts (Government White Paper on the future of academic science in the UK), actually the list is extensive:

The music soc is fairly strong with good student and Fellow involvement - it's tends to be a more classical based affair though. There are usually numberous student bands on the go though, plus Wolfson has a number of music rooms etc. E-mail the Common Room Secretary( [email protected]) and she can give you more info - she's very lovely!

Most peeps tend to get involved in the bar rota (as the bar in ran by the students on a voluntary basis to make the prices as cheap as possible - each peep tends to do 2 shifts a term. You do get paid for working on 'Bop nights' though). Can't really say which are the good and bad clubs as it changes yearly - one year a club may be dormant with no one prepared to run it, the next it can be the most active club in College!

*Starts to feel all nostalgic!*
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Yeah, I went on the Bar website and it does sound quite cool! Hope I can find some band to play with as classical music is not really my thing, lol!

Oh well, I will probably spend 70% of the time punting up and down the river, much for studying! Thanks a lot for the info, if I come up with other questions I know who I can turn to :tongue:
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*Starts to feel all nostalgic!*

My mum ... :rolleyes:
I'm going to be at Wolfson this fall and since I am coming from overseas and can't come see the different rooms/buildings I was hoping someone could advise me on the best buildings, how they differ, etc. I'm considering both married and single accommodation, as my husband will be staying with me sometimes but not a lot (we'll both be doing some commuting back and forth as he's working in London). We'd prefer to get a married flat, but we're considering both possibilities. We got the list today and were a bit shocked by the prices, as I actually was first accepted to another college that had much lower prices (however, the program I chose bases me at Wolfson).

I'd be so grateful for any advice, as there are a lot of choices and a wide range of prices. I am also looking into private accommodation (largely due to the higher prices at Wolfson) but will likely live in college the first year.
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Out of interest where were you placed before? If the prices were that much lower (since Wolfson doesn't have a particular reputation as being expensive) I wonder if they would have been term time only? (Whereas grad accomodation is usually for the whole year, and married AFAIK always, which might explain part of the price hike). I'm afraid you're unlikely to get much help here, since I don't believe there are any active members on the boards who go to Wolfson, and since it's grad only few of us have friends there so can't even advise from a point of 'oh my friend lived in x and it was lovely / horrible'. As it happens I do have one friend there, so will ask her if there's any major discrepancy between the places but as I say you may be barking up the wrong tree here.
The accommodation options at Wolfson can, very roughly, be broken down to:

- Study bedrooms and en-suite rooms
- Couples accommodation
- Family accommodation

The study bedrooms account for the largest stock of accommodation, and the highest proportion of the rooms in the main building and the adjoining annexes. These rooms are situated in units of 4 with shared kitchen and bathroom facilities. The room sizes can vary, as can the view out of your window, which can range from the river and the gardens, through to the scenic delights of Robin Gandy North or South (depending on which of these blocks you are in). The M and Q blocks (the latter block I think might be going on line for the start of the next academic year) are completely en-suite with large shared kitchens, but (a) are quite expensive, (b) the tenancies only run between October and the end of June.

I don't know much about the married accommodation, but I believe these are en-suite and distributed between the main-building, Linton Road and Garford Road.

The families accommodation block adjoins the main block, but aside from seeing kids running around the general vicinity, I can't really comment on what this accommodation is like.
Thanks so much for all the great info- I was originally planning to be at St. Edmund Hall, where the prices were in the 300-500/month range (with married flats being around 525/month). When we got the Wolfson prices (most around 500-600/month for a single (a few are 425-500) and married flats are 721-825, which is a lot more than we were expecting to pay- the prices just seemed so much higher, particularly the M and Q Block, than SEH's prices and there were so many choices I was just curious to know if anyone had suggestions on particular buildings to target or avoid.

I really appreciate the advice!
AFAIK, SEH's married flats are newish build "upstairs downstairs" flats at the back of some houses on Norham Gardens - quite close to the centre and a pretty posh address! Graduate Teddys on here (if any) would know.


[edit - in fact right here:,+Oxford+OX2,+United+Kingdom&sll=53.800651,-4.064941&sspn=22.244994,33.398438&ie=UTF8&cd=1&geocode=FZjYFQMdddHs_w&split=0&ll=51.764166,-1.256205&spn=0.000708,0.001019&t=h&z=20]
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studenttobe2009, could you please tell me how much will a large (or standard size) single study bedroom with and without ensuite cost? I am also admitted to Wolfson but haven't yet received the list of prices. I am really curious thank you!
There are a lot of different choices...they range from 418/month (restricted view or "small" study room) to 500/561 with ensuite. There are literally 22 different varieties of rooms, in different buildings, with/without ensuite, with/without kitchen (there is even a single flat for 589). It's a bit overwhelming! I called the college right when I was emailing in my acceptance form and they connected me with the accommodation staff member, who then immediately emailed me a full listing of prices, description of the various buildings, etc. You submit a form requesting accommodation with your top choices indicated by number. I have no idea yet what I will be requesting...trying to decide if a single room would suffice when I know my husband will be visiting me some, or if we really need to get a full married flat. It's hard to know without seeing the rooms, and I haven't been able to find many photos online at all. I wish they would provide floor plans, photos, etc. I may ask if they have anything else they can send.

As for St. Edmund Hall, I can't stay on there b/c I've decided to choose a different program than the one they accepted me for, and it is impossible to switch. I was really excited about their flats, as they are in such a great location, but I think Wolfson has some great and unique selling points that will be good too.
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Thanks so much for the information. You can view a 360 degree view of inside the rooms of the Wolfson college (both single and married flats) following this link: You will need QuickTime player to see the 360 degree views. I think it is very helpful to estimate the size of the rooms.
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Hi there.

I applied for a PG course at Oxford and I've been allocated to this college (not one of my choices). It seems kind of far away from the university itself and a bit ugly-looking. Tbf, it was a bit of a downer and now I am reconsidering going to Oxford (I must say I wasn't that decided in the first place).

How long does it take to walk to the university from the halls in Wolfson?

What are the facilities like? Is it really as depressing as it seems to me?

Do you get that supposedly general feeling of being at Oxford (I don't know what that's like, but I assume there is something akin to it)

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