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Leicester uni

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hey im in lecicester uni too but by correspondance doing my diploma in managment from malta.. how is it there?
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Reply 121
Hi any one who still chats here? is anyone doing his diploma in managment?
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I have no idea where to apply for accomodation, i havent thought about it at all.Its pretty hard to choose based on some restricted photos and descriptions on the website.Help would be great
Reply 123
Received and replied to all the acceptance paperwork today, and I'm beaming! Can't wait to start Uni, have some fun, socialise and even start my MPhys course! It might have just pummelled down with rain but today, personally, is a very good day!

Incidentally, applied for catered accommodation in Beaumont Hall (second choice was New Hall), and I have to commend kaisersalsek for the above post which helped so much, along side the Uni literature, with the decision!

Hopefully many more Leicester success stories to follow.... and also where have people chosen for their accommodation?
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I've applied for New Hall as my first option and GM as my second, I'll be very happy with either really.

Thanks Kaiser and Tomber for the aoccomodation info!
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Yeah I'm going send off my forms tomorrow, so should see ya people at uni in october :biggrin:
(I'm still hungover today, n going out drinkining again soon :biggrin:)
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i found out i got in because the post got in before i left to get my results, it made them a lot less scary to open!!

i applied to new hall and gilbert muray second. also thanx for the accom discrip it helped c u all in oct :smile:

Hehe i got the letters before I got my results too, I think that saved me a heart attack when I found out I missed my grades by miles :p:
My mum forced me to send off my application the same day i got it. I'm actually quite glad i did now as it's a huge weight off my mind. I chose catered Beaumont as my first and Gilbert Murray as my second.
Btw, does anyone know EXACTLY the date we should get there? I'm not exactly sure. See you all in Leicester, im really excited!! :biggrin:
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hey leicester was my insurance, just wondering if anyone is ganna be 19 and starting the llb law in sept, cz i took a year out dont wanna be the only 1 yr older person there. Oh nd does anyone know of anyone that ha switched from leicester to a london uni in their second year?
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There will be plenty of 19 year olds, a lot of people take gap years.

I doubt you will be able to move to a London university midway, universities fill up their places in the 1st year so they aren't going to have some in the second are they?
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I think being one year older will make very very little difference at all, but there will be plenty of 19 year olds there.
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cool, im getting all excited now!!!!
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cool, im getting all excited now!!!!

Ditto.. I just wish I'd get my clearing passport so I can apply for accomodation and whatnot. Time is running out...
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who would want to switch from leicester to some london uni?? :confused:

You wouldnt switch to.. I dunno, UCL or LSE?
Reply 134
I am also wondering the same question incase i dont like this management studies degree.

bachelor of science sounds better then bacheleor of arts and science doesnt it?
also business management sounds better then management studies and are they the same thing?!!
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You wouldnt switch to.. I dunno, UCL or LSE?

Certainly not, then again I seem to have an irrational fear of really big cities esp. London, I'll maybe have another look around for my masters course depending on what I want to specialise in (read: Cambridge would be nice :p: )
Reply 136
I sent all my forms off this morning, cant wait to start :biggrin:
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so sorry guys, didnt mean to offend leicester by wanting to move, its just im concerned for the health of a family a transfer would ease my mind if im closer to home.....

But cant wait to get accomodatin and what going for the oadby village, ensuite xxx

sending my forms off 2mz.....gotta get my photos done..yuck
whens your guys feshers week begin/end? cheers.
Hello everyone, this seems to be the official Leicester thread, so I thought I'd start here. I'm going to be starting in october doing physics with astrophysics, and am really looking forward to going to Leicester!