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Derby - how lenient are they?

I have a dilemma where I don't think I'm going to achieve my predicted marks even if I try my very hardest. If I were to fall a grade barrier below what I am predicted, would they likely still accept me? Does anyone know how lenient they are?
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... anyone?
Students relaxing
University of Derby
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I would have thought so, they end up clearing every year, and by the start of September they are usually begging people to go via the local media :yes:
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Well, that's a bit of a relief. s: Now I just hope I only get a single grade less than I need tops if I do at all.
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Derby lets anyone in. Hence its reputation.

I went to Derby through clearing so it is always a possibility!
However most Universities use the clearing process so its definitely not just Derby who do this!

Hope thats made you feel a little better!

Rebecca :smile:
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Derby should be lenient to be honest, what is your offer in terms of grades?
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yeah i know a few people that got E's and F's and still got in =]