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GSA - Accommodation

Hey, just got my offer through from GSA (yay) and am now scared about all the planning to do! I will be starting in the 2nd year of Vis Com and was wondering if any one else had experience of living in the Margaret Macdonald halls? Just a tad worried about being a bit older living with the 1st years, only 20, but still. Do you think its worth trying to look for a flat share??

Any advice would be super!
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Hey :smile: well done on the offer! that's great news!

I need to apply for accommodation yet :s-smilie:? don't know what is happening with that at the moment. Regarding your question, it is up to you really, but I will be in the 1st year and I wouldn't think much of it at all :smile: I'm 18 but apparently look 20/21! I wouldn't see much of a problem with it at all really.
Graduation day, University of Glasgow
University of Glasgow
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i have no idea what it's like in halls... but i will be applying for them shortly and i'm 19 starting in the 1st year of vis comm. so i guess we won't be the only ones :smile:
i was glad to see someone older than me actually!
Not a direct comparison, but I'm more than two years older than most of the people on my course at GSA. I enjoy myself hugely, and I'd suspect that you'll have no problems making friends if my experiences are anything to go by.