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Is homosexuality genetic or environmental? watch


    It's an interesting topic.

    I feel it is likely to be a mixture of factors; although it should be remembered that certain characteristics or environmental factors may result in people being less likely to admit they are gay. Course, the difference between levels of admittance and levels of existence are going to be pretty much impossible to prove. My own feeling is that there is nothing inherently in the "camp" personality that makes someone more likely to be gay, rather it is just that those who have that sort of personality find it easier to admit to.

    I've also got a healthy dislike for the possible implications of proving that it is environmental - all sorts of horrible pseudo-scientific crap will spring up claiming to offer a "cure". that said, if it is proved to be genetic, there could be an even more unpalatable route that some might take...

    (Original post by thefish_uk)
    Yeah well. It just doesn't go, logically, does it?
    How so? Why is it so difficult to believe that there MAY be some genetic link or neurological condition that is common to homosexuals?

    There's an awful lot about the brain that we still don't understand you know and I don't see what "logic" has to do with it, especially when "logic" itself can only be seen in the light of what we actually do know about how neurological and genetic expressions translate into behaviour.

    ugh, this damend nature v nurture debate. Been going on for god knows how long and will continue to be a hotbed of discussion and research. The simple answer is, we just don't know which it is!
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