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In August 2004 I will be leaving home to live in Edinburgh. Right now I live in Durness! It is a verry small BORING rural village on the north-west CORNOR of scotland. As in there is nothing west of my house till America and nothing north of my house till the north pole! Edinburgh is about 400 miles away and there is no way for me to visit within 3 days! There is no bus service to Durness on a sunday and the nearest train station is 50 miles away in lairg- the bus takes 4hours! So i will be verry cut off from my mum, who ive allways had! A lot of my family lives in Edinburgh but no-one im really close to except my gran- who may die verry soon.
POINT- I have no idea whatso ever about what im gonna do to survive! I am a hopeless cook all i can do is stirfry and soup! I can wash my clothes and stuff but FOOD is very important to me and i cant live on Burger King and Macdonalds. SO what i need is someone who's done it and survived to give me a gew pointers. Or someone in the same position to go 2s on getting info. Ta catz x
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there are loads of books availible on cooking on a budget/ student survival cooking guides

dont worry is the most important thing.

everyone is in the same situation.

love Katy ***
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