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East India Club

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I am not having this discussion.

Please don't try and obfuscate the issue, Dave.
Carr Saunders Halls, LSE
London School of Economics
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I sound like an uptight git when I said that, but I didn't mean to be. It's just I don't really wanna have this discussion.
The East India Club sucks balls.

I hope that it chokes!
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How do you know about the East India Club???

You don't go to an Independant School!!!

And what do you think of these all-boys club??
How do you know about the East India Club???

You don't go to an Independant School!!!

And what do you think of these all-boys club??

This thread has told me all that I need to know about the club. It is reserved for a particular group of people: it is an elitest remnant of the past. It is illogical and discriminatory.

As far as I can see the fact that you wen to a PRIVATE school as opposed to another type would not prevent you from using their facilities nor from being a fully functional member.

All-boys clubs suck as well (as do all girls clubs! - St Hilda's College, Oxford for instance).
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I'm fairly sure you need to attending an independant school that belongs to the HMC in order to enjoy their facilities. Check their website...
It sounds like an attempt by some snobs to buy themselves a social life!
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Try explaining that to some of the public school kids on forum...

Their actually thinking about joining it!
*shrugs shoulders*

I have given up trying to persuade those with elitest views to become more open-minded. Their arguments are full of pedantic assertions and views formed by watching Eastenders and on what Jim told Peter who told Bob who told them.
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In response to your PM: I don't agree that going to a Comprehensive School will have deterred you from applying to top unis. I went to one...and look at how I turned out, so well mannered, polite, clever, ahhhhhh...It fills me with delight whenever I think of my good old Comp days!

It's what you make of it, as is the case with anywhere you go...
I did not say it was impossible to succeed. It is far more difficult.

I would have lacked the motivation during my turbulent teenage years to succeed had I gone to a comprehensive school in this area.

I have to say that the existence of so many grammar schools in Surrey compounds the problem. At comprehensive schools elsewhere there are going to be many very intelligent individuals (like yourself - Xanthe). In Surrey however, the best pupils go off to grammar schools. This leaves very few intelligent, intellectually stimulated pupils left at the comprehensive schools. The few exceptions, who missed out on the intensely competitive grammar schools, are left hoping to fill a vacancy in later years at said grammar schools, or will get sucked downwards into the mass.
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I wouldn't call myself "very intelligent", I was just one of those bookish kids. I decided that I would want to make something of myself. I think you'll find that in mnay comps, most are just ordinary kids, the "intellectual stimulation" I received were from my teachers, actually.

I always strived to be the best I can. In the end I believe that's what mattered the most. Although admittedly going to an elitist school would have speeded up this process...I would have received more help, support etc

I dunno. That's just my view. I don't think I would have been any more brighter had I attended a Grammer or Independant school.
No! indeed - intelligence has nothing to do with education. There are more support mechanisms at elistest schools than at comprehensives though...
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I got by without any mechanisms, thanks :biggrin: :p:
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well i think we have established that both of your spelling is simply ****
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i dunno however elitest this thing is and i hate that because im not from an extremely well off background like many of my mates, its still a great opportunity to make important contacts and its pretty cheap for seven years of gym and overnight stay
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Yeh but you're going to have accommodation anyway if you're going to LSE. It's a little archaic; I suppose it's quaint in a way. It's just a remnant of the past, there's not much point arguing about it.

I don't really think it's sexist to have different clubs for men/women though, although I wouldn't consider joining any myself. As for the women-only stuff to do with work etc. well they're there for a purpose because women historically have been underrepresented. But most of these are going to fade away... ie. the business award...well women have now shown themselves to be every bit as effective as men when it comes down to entrepaneurship and this year the winners/nominees said it was becoming patronising. There's still an imbalance in board room jobs etc. but I think this difference will start to disappear as women are increasingly getting themselves promoted into the upper echelons of the business world...
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I don't think the type of school you go to dictates your future, whatever that may be

I went to (forgive me for bad-mouthing) Whitefileds School. It has one of the worst reputations in London (infamous in fact) - teaching was ok actually, it was the bullying that reallllly got me down, and anyone else who wasn't part of the 'in' group (worst and weirdest of all, including teachers). But, a few broken bones later, a few mental scares, and I think i've done ok!
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Bullying sucks. I think nearly everyone's been bullied at some point in their life.
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Bullying sucks. I think nearly everyone's been bullied at some point in their life.

unfortunately, you are absolutely right.

but, this is the world we live in.

anyway, in regards to clubs offering membership to certain groups of people only - I have nothing against them. people should be free to do whatever so long as its within reason (and having an all girls club/rich persons club etc is certainly within reason)

however, I do think such clubs are quite sad. why would you want to hang out with people who are all alike one-another? is it not more fun if the crowd you hang out with is diverse? e.g. man, woman, punk, trendy, rich, poor.....

but, who am i (or who is anyone else) to have an opinion... if it annoys you and its petty, don't stress over it.. (avoid the wrinkles! lol)


ps. a good example of the above is the LS of Elite Snobs thread.. why bother (write it or read it? letalone respond to it)?.. also, does'nt it reallllllly annoy you when people think that they are incredibly individual; being a punk and writing 666 does not make you individual or a rebel.. it just means you follow the punk-trend as opposed to the surprisingly popular metrosexual trend or the g-unit trend etc......