What is the success percentage for economics at cambridge?

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(Original post by Pencil Queen)
Actually I can - that's the meaning of IMO...I didn't once claim that my opinion was anything other than that. I'm guessing this was a typo and that you meant the opposite.

I wouldn't call flip-flopping from physics at oxford to economics at cambridge open minded and adaptability...actually I would if guess-who had stated interest in anything more substantial than the odds of getting in, but on that basis I'd say his lack of interest in *anything* to do with the course/uni shows even more tunnel vision than someone determined to study one particular field.

I didn't say there was anything wrong with working the system - I did say that sacrificing your interest in a subject solely out of fear that it's more competetive is getting your priorities wrong. Taking a subject you hate just because it's easier to get into is a false economy.

And my analogy wasn't implying anything about choosing to apply outside of oxbridge. My point was that it's better to try for something difficult than to give up and take the easy route doing a job/subject you don't enjoy.

As for people disadvantaging themselves by *not* working the system, that would be a valid point if the competeive courses/colleges changed yr on yr. They don't...people still apply for PPE and law and medicine at oxbridge, and they still apply for oversubscribed colleges in greater numbers than the less popular ones. If everyone was working the system the most popular course/college this yr would be the least popular/competetive last yr etc etc. Some people prefer to follow their hearts rather than play the odds to win a lesser prize...and that, I believe, is one of the qualities that makes them oxbridge material.
I'm only speaking out of experience here! You can judge, if you like - but you might as well have saved your breath (fingers), since no-one cares (plus, you aren't really in a position to judge - which is the crucial factor). Where are you, by the way? Have you ever actually experienced the system first (or even second) hand? As for the flip-flopping - granted, it does sound a bit indecisive when it's to that extent - I live next to someone who was debating applying to Cambridge for economics or physics (strangely ironic - given that he's here as well)! Also, if everyone was working the system, what you described would not happen - people aren't that stupid. Plus, I fail to see the relevence of this 'lesser prize' hyperbole - 'Oxbridge material' must surely also include a will to actually attend either Oxford or Cambridge! Therefore, these people you so eloquently described - the ones which 'follow their hearts' - aren't really Oxbridge material, since they don't want to go to Oxbridge (first)!
I'm sorry if this seems a bit sort of 'scrappy', but I'm in a bad mood - too many essays given by supervisors (apply to Cambridge, it's great...)!

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