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Girl you got exactly what I need, I ain't gonna lie,
With you is where I wanna be,
All up in the club, the finest girl I see,
I know that u want me to come over to you and ta-alk.
I'm just trying keep it real wit’ u,
Are u feelin’ me the way im feelin’ you…
Either call your crew ‘n’ im’a call my crew…
Cuz Jay and Rishi Rich and Juggy D are comin through…

Kurri soni, te akh mastani, tu giddha de rani, ne gala soon ja,
Tu-dil-kholeyain, te-mere mana-mholeyain,
te-ika-galan- horiyain, ne gala soon ja…
Ho mehta- tere nal- nachnaa,
Ho mehta- tere nal- nachnaa,
I just wanna dance with you-u,
Ho mehta- tere nal- nachnaa,….nachnaa….nachnaa
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