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Internt in Lakesde aye, I assume I require an ethernet cable of some sort? Anyone are to confirm that.

Secondly, external internet provider, i.e. just as you would at home, pay a third party for the actual browser and access and simply conect via the Uni broadband. How quick is it, at peak times specifically? And are there any downtimes or problems that have arisen recently, im involved in online gaming projects and 24 hour access is essentially a must.
Lakeside residences
Aston University, Birmingham
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As further points of interest, I'm a drummer, Aston offer any places for practicing on campus (I forgot to ask at open day tbh) and if not, i assume there are privately renatable rooms within the city for hire by bands/individuals, anyone know if these are fairly priced or a complete jip? any any recommendations would be useful.

Anyone started uni shopping? I've got a shitload of stuff im positive is going to be used incorrectly and end up resulting in the use of fire extinguishers to put out the flames.
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We've some great music societies. The Aston Music society is more for your traditional instruments and is very popular as is the Live Music Society [LMS] for more popular music.

Do you ever use any electronic kit at all? I ask as I'm looking to record / perform with some other people at some point but I am not really after a typical run of the mill mainstream rock group with people singing the same songs in mock american accents. I want to do something synth led. You'll find like minded people in LMS when you see them at the Freshers Fair on the sunday after freshers week and before term starts.

Re Chatty_Chic - "im a student right?" - true and already one happy to stay within a very dated and unfair stereotype. oh well.
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Look treacle, so wat they are scruffy? who gives a ****, im a student right? they are comfortable to wear and thats all that matters to me. i didnt say i wear them when i go to musicals or when i visit the queen...

Football isn't really my thing (i mean i watch it when its international level, coz thats when it gets really interestin) Im more about the Formula one!! Any takers on that?

hahahahaha.wikid i was just about to say. i aint the footy fan myself. used to be a manu supporter when i was a kid, however my sporting roots have always been with morotsport and mainly with F1, well actually near enough anything with 4 wheels pretty much gets my interest on way or another.

so that makes two of us................anymore?
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i like football and f1.....
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fine.. i can see footballs not very poplar here...which sux.. cauz im a footy maniac... and its the me.. and yea i watch f1 too...basically i watch all sports =]

any1 anti-mclaren??? i hate them from the bottom of my heart!.. id like any1 except mclaren to win.. used to hate them from the minute i saw hakinnen v schumi =]

so prodigy.. ure at leeds?.. do u suppport em??.. i never supported them .. but they had one crazy team under o'leary.. wat a team.. imagine them together rite now .. robinson rio woodgate mills harte kewell dacourt smith bowyer keane etc

and about the music.. im not much of a musician.. but music can help me spend like days by myself.. i lissen to rock and hiphop..mostly rap.. D12 rulezzz

on a diff note.. is there anyway i can know my roomies be4 i move in?.. im on lawrence 7th floor...any1 close by?.. oh and wat buildings are close to it?
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lol no ever since i started watching f1 ive supported mclaren.....i just love the car hehe (and at the same time ive always hated ferrari and schumacher :P).

yeah i support leeds (sadly) and i certainly miss that team now we are in division 1 with a load of idiots playing, well apart from ian harte who was always shocking!
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Just because some people on here [people who use computers a lot] don't like Football it doesnt mean its not popular at aston, think of the demographics computer users and football dont often go hand in hand lol.

You'll find people with similar tastes at uni no problem. If you want to play football we have teams you can try out for. Info will be in your freshers' handbook when you get it.
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argh has anyone bought their uni stuff yet?? i've tried to only get the stuff i need, but i swear ive got loaddddds....and thats without all the clothes....
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youve just missed the summer sales lol Although it is uni not a formal full time job, surely you own clothes lol

Have you received your Freshers Handbook yet? it has some ideas on what to bring with you. If you have any questions just put them up here for me and katie to answer.

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i didnt mean ive gotta buy clothes - just got a couple of pans, plates seems like LOADS. oh well...i never was very goot at travelling light!!
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good*....seemingly i'm not very good at typing either!!!
lol ben the hoody comes w/ me (yes its black..or shuld i say was)...odd story being my dad bought in bham 4yrs ago (so its comin bk w/ me :biggrin:)

RE mutualfriend- owh! I havent heard from em either!! Im just guessing its gonna take a while cuz im an intl. student....oddly comforting im not the only one who hasnt heard from em >_<

cheers indy :biggrin: altho im not an international student ! still feel a bit better about it though lol
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with kitchen stuff just think "less is more". have yourself a nice big frying pan or skillet - these are multi usable from frying an egg to making that big "everything left in the fridge before it goes off" stir fry.

Maybe have 2 boiling pans with that - one big, one medium sized one.

a couple of plates, a good sharp knife and you can never have enough clean mugs; take as many as you can bare leaving around your desk lol
i havent recieved that freshers handbook yet, other people have had them for like a week, bit worried :?
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yeah i got a frying pan and 2 saucepans, 4 plates, 4 side plates and 4 mugs. decided to get extra plates coz i have a talent for dropping them....and im really sad and wud be upset by my crockery if it was all mismatched. i dont suppose that will last for long tho!!
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its should last fine. My biggest problem in the first year was having too many plates, and my mum bringing me some absolutely pointless fancy mugs and silly accessories.
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lol well my mum did buy me 2 cups and saucer thingies....only coz i thought they were nice...i was like ummmm well i'll use then if u come to visit then!!! we dont even use them at home :s-smilie: oh well!!
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exactly! what a faff for nothing. Space is at a premium in the kitchens for most people, thats the only thing. I had a big blue box in my bedroom for extra kitchen stuff.
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i cant cook to save my life.......argh