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ah cooking is easy! u'll soon pick it up....wont have much choice unless u eat out ALL the time!
Lakeside residences
Aston University, Birmingham
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I wanted a Roland electronic kit, would set me back £1200 though, plus they are still sizeable, and tbfh I don't have the money anyway :tongue:

I can play any musical style tbh, I was in a heavy metal band but grew tired of that so hav been playing jazz a lot. I'm not particularly a metal person anyway heh. By synth led I hope you mean similar styles to Smashing pumpkins, which are one of my all time favourite bands.
footie -- aston villa born and bred (sad i know) and yes it is quite popular at aston......

craockery -- i have thing you can never be short of is glasses especially if your anyhting like me and was always having people stay for dinner.....i didnt ever have enough plates.......mind you make sure you know what is yours and prehaps keep it somewhere other then the kitchen......i still havn't got my spatula back damn thieves!

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hhmmm smashing pumpkins? synth led? not quite. Although have you heard Billy Corgans new solo album? the sound is brilliant.

Thinking more stuff like depeche mode, Client, goldfrapp, human league, new order [before they got bored and picked up guitars] lol

Rhythms are hard for me to compose at the moment.
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f1 seems to be hotting up a little, well for the championship anyway. its going to be a battle between the ice man and alonso. its mainly going to depend on whether raikonnen can bring the car home consistantly. but then again alonso can manage that with skill or just sheer luck just like turky when montoya fluffed the second last lap.

my moneys on alonso winning the championship....... but then again i aint a betting man :smile:

i really wana see whats it going to be like next year with the driver moves, or speculation of them and with new regulations such as v8 engines replacing the current v10's, and with the emerging of a bmw team. this season aint over yet. f1 would probably be my main reason to take a tv for my room.
Taran - Yup loved F1 since forever and love the nice cars too motorbikes are cool aswell, but they are death traps especially riding bitch with a nutty driver! :vroam:

Bugz - i feel you man. Ferrari all the way, bit of a disappointing season but hey, we can't win all the time right?! I also developed my passion against mclaren durin the schumi v hakkinen days. that guy is just such an arrogant beep beep. :banghead:

bencooke - not really, i just dont really care about wat people think about wat i wear, especially so if they are narrow minded people who stereotype others. :listen: (only thing that kinda fitted i didnt wanna leave one person out.... lol)

i also have not recieved my handguide yet. Am quite interested what advice they will give me for freshers tho... 'dont drink too much' lol. :cheers:
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well as i said any1 except mclaren.. so GO ALONSOO!

Football - yea well atleast villas better than leeds eh? haha .. hey taran if u get a TV .. im piling on and watching my football matches there .. hahaha... juss messin with you bro

Shopping -- OHhh i havent done any shopping at all.. no crockery no clothes no shoes no nothin at alL!!!!!!!.. morrow i get my visa..and after that..2 weeks only shopping.. and im like a typical guy.. whos never shopped be4.. can i get sum help plzzzzzz?? .. wat to much to buy.. how many to get.. u can go into detail how much eva u want.. like how many shirts ... how many jeans trousers wateva hahaha... seriously tho anyy help wud be appreciated..

oh and another thing.. not like im really afraid about it or anything.. but is racism a big issue out there...cauz ive heard it is :-s ..
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I should be in touch with the full time exec at some point tommorrow, will try remember to ask about the handbooks.
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Bugz - Birmingham is one of the most multicultural cities in the country, Aston is also a very multicultural university with a very tolerant environment. Of course you get racisim everywhere but generally the Aston campus is one of the most friendly places for everybody.
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yea.. as i said..not worried about it..juss something i had heard...thanx though ben..
oh and wats the situation of bein able to watch football.. anyway we can watch most of the matches??.. anywhere??..
and the playing part.. well im fat and dont run much..but besides that im a good player =] hahaha .. but ive heard unis have like loadsa teams.. ill get into the 8th or 9th team haha..
I don't know about the teams Bugz... but yeah you can pretty much watch any football match, and if its not being shown on campus or watever, most pubs show the matches too...

as for shoppin i havent done ANY either yet! i also have no idea wat to get (not that i wud mind buying EVERYTHING in the shop :smile:)
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i want to be playing footy too, even if im crap!
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lol. i would have thought ferrari would have rommped away with schumacher winning the title again. i think it was all the new regulations put in place which might have caught them off gaurd. that and the bridgestones rubber has been abit of an issue to hinder performance. shumacher defo had the performance in the hungarian gp though when he set the fastest quali lap and that was with a reasonable fuel load too.

there was rumors this season i think that hakkinen was comming back. boyyyy if that happened wohoooooooo. that would have baught back memories.

bugs, if only theres space i would have considered brining an unused 28inch tv i got at home. would be perfect for f1, footy matches, game consols. aahhhh the space limitations.

i havent got a one of them booklet things yet. but maby thats cos i aint even sent back my reply acceptance to aston yet. gowd i gota sort that paperwork out.

are you lot going to send off your student loan paperwork to aston? they said they wanted a copy too see how much to charge for tuition fees or something. whats the story with that?
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prodigy - yea i hear ya bro.. id like to be playin football..even tho im crap at can we??

taran - firstly its bugz not bugs haha.. and yea i think the rule changes.. plus the fact that every teams got a new car except ferrari meant that schumi wasnt gonna win it.. well they had to do summin to stop the monopoly..

ohh and i 4got yall are all english!!!! .. gawd yall aint watching the ashes?? thats one thing in common i have with u guyz..ive been supporting england from the start... i hate the ozz cricket team!!! .. except shane warne.. me being a legspinner and stuff..hes my idol..but yea .. hate the teamm...

and so im askin again..any1 in lawrence?.. and how far are the buildings from eachother?
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taran - If youre in lakeside you could maybe have it brought down for your flat kitchen and get each of your flatmates chip in towards the TV license. That often works.

In standard accom there isnt too much room for a TV, well sometimes a little one.
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does that mean there's no point in bringing a tv if ur in standard?? mum bought me a small cheap one...should i take it back??
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i think it will be arite if you bring like a 15inch to standard accomodation. just have it in your room i guess, if you dont wana share a tv.

bencooke, thats a good idea you know. but when i went for open day and saw a lakeside kitchen, i couldnt imagine where i could put it. i mean there was a bench place but that wouls be too low, kitchen table but where would people eat and kitchen worktop, but then where would you cook. other kitchens may be different so i guess ill see when i get there and see if its worth it.

my bad yea i would like to play footy iswel, even though im proper rubbish. i think my feet and legs do better with pedals than they do with kicking a ball. but still would be fun, and id be a laugh cos ermm i usually fall over. thats what im known for :smile:

ferrari did bring out a new car didnt they? in bahrain i think? f2005 replaced the f2004. the newer car was rushed though because they didnt have the pace. i think their older car was more reliable and might have got them more consistant points finishes. cant put it all on ferrari though. bridgestones seem to be off the pace iswel with fluctuations in pace throughout races. ferrari were caught off gaurd. lets hope they make it a 3way battle next year for the title. that is if renault and mclaren can keep up with their pace :smile:

is there a go kart circuit near aston btw?
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neems, put your TV in your room.

Taran, stand it on a chair or you can aquire a cheap thing to stand it on somewhere and put it near the notice board in the kitchen. will all be fine.
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neems, put your TV in your room.

Taran, stand it on a chair or you can aquire a cheap thing to stand it on somewhere and put it near the notice board in the kitchen. will all be fine.

lol yessir. :wink:
hey all havent been on here on a while, hit my grades for aston so gonna be joining u all in a few weeks time, any1 on here doing marketting? also anyone in stafford tower, im there floor 11 havent noticed anyone else tho

you will be able to recognise me in freshers, im the mug wearing the cast on my left leg! broke my ankle pretty badly 2weeks ago, operation n all :frown: by aston hopefully il b of crutches tho hobbling round in 1 of them boots.
bit of a bugger on the football side, played for my school 1st team and london borough but cant play for 9months now aparantly, can always join in after tho im sure.
some1 askin about football fans before, im a big fan, sure theyl be loads of us at aston, but u hate arsene. tuttut!

also to current students in the guidebook i red u can rent ps2's? that correct? cos i need my pro evo! also need a tv tho, probs buy a tiny one for my room....any other pro evo players out there,, tourneys needed!!

hope to hear back n see u all out ther in sept..