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i'm just gonna see how much i can fit in the car!!! lol. what doesnt fit in the wardrobe mum can bring home again....i guess coz u guys are international u kinda dont have that option!! so ummm i guess i was just totally unhelpful :biggrin:
Lakeside residences
Aston University, Birmingham
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Listen People, i am going to get my stuff, and all of ya goin to help me get it to my room! LoL!!
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Newest addition to Uni box: Teatowel's.

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bugz, are you going to bring your whole wardrobe with you?

what id say is, the clothes you rekon you aint gna wear, leave them in bombay. but the clothes you think you will wear, and need like for winter, just bring them.

you can always buy clothes from here aswel.

i think we should all make lists of what were going to bring. this way it will help others reading the lists to see if they have forgoten about anything. hmmm.
owh PrOdiGy that makes 2 of us who wont be drunk ^_^
I just got my accomodation package *wayhay*
now i can run off and start packing.
which reminds me i need to buy an umbrella cuz I dont have one (never really needed one)
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Thnx 4 the Link Pr0Digy!

U can actually get that as a part of of the welcome packs once u get there
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nothing beats having your favourite bedding
i sleep better in my black sheets ;-)
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at least u dont worry about if anyone did anythin,,,,,,, on them....
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thanks for that link. very very....very healpful.

oh yea, bed sheets....definatly need mine too. they dont provide duvets do they? i think id wana bring mine anyway, but ill have to see.
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**** **** **** **** ****. sorry the that but i just realised my accomodation was meant to be sent by the 25th of august. otherwise they would give it away.

now it aint going to be sent out untill tuesday which means it gets there on wednesday or thursday. crap crap crap. what ive done though is sign and dated it for the 23rd and hopefully get away with it.

i want my en suit.nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. panic until i find out whats happened.
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oh yea another thing.

have you lot sent off your student finance letters to aston? will you be doing it? or will you wait to show them at enrolment?
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Hey, if your planning to bring a tv get a good ariel !! the tv signal is crap in the towers!!! I had a license but we never got checked for them. still worth having i suppose.
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Taran e-mail the people in aston, they'll help.
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Hey again, nice to see so many people signing in, but dont you people have jobs!? Am currently slaving 40 hour weeks in order to afford uni, tho just got a laptop which is a great reward for all the crap!

For all the Brummies, is there much of an indie scene kicking about in Brum? There is nothing of the sort in Ireland, but when I was in Nottingham we hit a fantastic place called the Rescue Rooms, which basically was a big indie club, and i loved it! Hope there is something similar in Brum, and people to go along to it! Am a big fan of dancing like an arse to bands i love like bloc party, killers, art brut etc.
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thats the thing. i dont want to email the accomodation office. if i do, they probably wont read it until tuesday seeing as its bank holiday monday. if they say thats its late i was just going to blame the post. thats my idea anyway.
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hmmm... dont u have anyone in Birmingham?? Call first thing Tuesday, just ask if they recieved it, and if they say no then say Bummer i mailed a long time ago... talking or emailing is better than doing nothing..
if you want i can go ask on reagards to indie....if you look there is a few places snobs on mondays......i cant really remember but i know they exist lol and dude2005 what do ya mean we didnt get checked?!? my floor did twice!

and i still have no idea who you are any clues?

taran call em asap or try and take a train to bham and sit there if need be! (hey desperate times call for desperate measures)

Right guys on a different note ayo2006 had started the Aston Crew (go to the first few pgs on this thread) and so ive updated it...(look in the new threads) will be gd if u lot run thru it and make lemme knw if theres anythng i can add/ change o_O
lol cheers x