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Lakeside residences
Aston University, Birmingham
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Lakeside accomodation will be £90 by itself, without the net (£5 a week ish) and all food/books/alcohol/stuff required over the year my udget will be huge. Lucky im getting max loan and grant tbfh. Dont know how anyone in Lakeside would manage otherwse.
Lakeside residences
Aston University, Birmingham
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i'm not in lakeside, unfortunately. hmm the 120 wasnt including accomodation...i duno, thats just a rough figure from a couple of websites
Just going off on a slight tangent here, a lot of the other Unis seem to have threads where people post pics of themselves so we recognise each other when we get there. Anyone up for it?
sounds good cept can't figure out how it works lol

hope this does....

Also my hair is slightly shorter now.....

Here's me:

It's done on my webcam, hence the crapness
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loooool, lil lee lee, i was waiting until someone mentioned it!!!!! i had seen a nottingham one i think.

good idea i guess. if everyone else is willing.

as for expenses, its going to be hell of alot expensive. lakeside - including £10 for net brings lakeside to a grand total of around £100 which means for the year it will be around £4000. not even a loan would cover the accomodation. i was worried about this first but then my mum goes her an ma dad will pay for living and i should keep my loan for emergancies? hmmm what could be classified as an emergancy? wanting to get pissed? buying a car?lol. i dunno.

still pretty reasonable if i think about it. my brother lived out in his second year in private accomodation in london and it cost him and his 3 flatmates £120 each just rent. ill have the privalidge of ensuit and hopefully a nice view though.

how much could you spend a week on going out/eating out/drinking a week?
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Wouldn't bother with a car in Birmingham tbh. Not aslong as your staying on campus or close to the city centre/a decent bus link.
Dont know how anyone in Lakeside would manage otherwse

Im gonna live on beans and toast,not gonna have a social life..(dunt drink anyway) and prbly find myself a job *sigh*

gd one taz not sure wot an emergancy would be.......
At the aston intl. briefin we were told £500/month will be more than enough to cover all our expenses.
um yea as taran asked...wots the avg. weekly budget?
hmm i dunno. i heard excluding accom u can live off about 60-70 a week. i think thats all ill have unless i take out more loans/overdrafts.
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alchemy, it was a

£500 a month? going with my rough calculations for lakeside, minus £400 for rent means £100 for 4 weeks, which means around £20 a week for munch, going out an maaan we need a aston student to help us out. with how much it costs per week.

especially the first couple of weeks when its just going to be partying aint it?

you can easily live off 60-70 buk a week i rekon. thats plentyful.

i feel job searching days at aston are going to be needed.
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oh yea another question. i heard something about reception being crap for tv's. does that mean you have to use aerials or is there aerial connections where you can plug the tv into?
taran twas 500quid excluding the rent...
was projected £10 a day
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lol. oh right. thats a good figure then aint it. i mean some days you will end up spending more than other days, and then some days you may not spend any at all.

i like £10 :smile:
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i spent like 1500 in the 1st term but i lived like a king :biggrin:

that didnt include accom or fees :eek:
i like £10 :smile:

lol my dad does to... ^_^
oooowh for a bit of fun on the Aston Crew page ive done a lil survey ...heh id be nice if u lot post :biggrin:
i took my own aerial for the i said i survived on about £30 a week excluding food costs as rents bought that ( i would say add £10-£15) and i went out about 2/3 times a week most times on that........

yes dont bother with a car the centre is 5 min walk awya and brd strt is 30min for average walker if u dont wanna walk there is always taxi's

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so....if u take a tv....what do u need apart from the tv itself?? does it plug in to the wall with an electricity cable and an ariel cable? of does it need a separate ariel?
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fairly small..........???????

if u remember me at all i was prob the shortest person in the tower!

what floor you on again?

i was on floor 3, i remeber who you are hehe

If your bringing a tv you need to get a good external ariel.
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I should have been clearer,
Lakeside has an ariel socket so you just need a cable.

If you live in the the towers and lowrise ( i assume ), you need an external ariel.
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I should have been clearer,
Lakeside has an ariel socket so you just need a cable.

If you live in the the towers and lowrise ( i assume ), you need an external ariel.

perhaps i wont bother bringiong a tv then....aren't signals from external ariels always crap?