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Lakeside residences
Aston University, Birmingham
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beN brings some calm to the flurry of worries!
Lakeside residences
Aston University, Birmingham
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Do we know whats happening in freshers week yet?
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go to the guild site for info :-)

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Thanks beN, some good info on there. Events are still TOP SECRET though grrrrr lol
dont worry it took ages for my stuff to get to me and i live in birmingham! lol........

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i just found out the guild provides a tae kwon do martial arts club. would anyone know if this is ITF or WTF or another form of tae kwon do.

it would be nice to continue it as it would bring me back to shape while continuing with the disipline. or i guess i can wait until i get there :smile:
they also do karate and jitsu...........i used to do ju-jitsu but may take karate up this yr

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I know about the events ha ha ha but ive had a handbook for 2 weeks now. I'm an exec.

What I will say is fancy dress wise make sure you have something school uniform like for school daze, something to wear on our beach party night, and something space/ scifi / future themed for the space ball at the end of the week!


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While I remember, Ive just published my exec profie on the guild website so you can hear about me, read my blog and get to know me already before youve even got here!

have a look here: Website Officer Profile

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argh i burnt my school uniform in an evil sacrificial ceremony 2 years ago!!!!
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my school uniform was not exactly what u'd wear to a school daze night....
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just make up your own! Its been ages since ive been to a school daze night at uni as ive been on placement but I usually go as the kid my parents warned me about.
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lol well as im an underage loser i prob wont be going anyway!
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thankfully my bros still got his school tie. i guess i can "borrow" withought asking :smile:

however i would need to sort out the trouser balls a weird one. can i just put a silver box on my head. in that way people can laugh without knowing its me. unless the box comes off that is.
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ummmm how are u going to see?
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cut holes i guess. how me gna drink? use a staw like ting attached to the
^_^ (glad to knw the pandemonium of wot-pack-i-havent-got has subsided)
oh taz ....ur a respected member now ...nice one =p
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"straw like ting" - you irish?

Hmm im either going ina black sith style cloak or some strange over mad eup creation of my own.

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oh yea i just

no i aint irish, is that an irish thing?

and finally wohoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. i emailed about accomodation and they have recieved my deposit today which means i definatly got my lakeside. i like everything about aston again :smile:
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what adress do u email?