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Lakeside residences
Aston University, Birmingham
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heylo again turns out i havent got the accomodation ting (slightly irish) yet cos i'm a cascade student - anyone having the same problem?, i hate feeling like i've been forgotten + i've got stuff to buy!
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my first email i sent to - [email protected]

i then got a reply back from - [email protected]
um, lucy...wots a 'cascade student ' :colondollar:
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um, lucy...wots a 'cascade student ' :colondollar:

means you missed out on your first course so they bump you down to something else
oh rite.........hmm interesting *can't believe ur stealing our sith lord idea beN* i'm remaking my cloak........regards school uniform was brown ans *****......for this i went and bought a skirt and shirt from primark........luckily i can still fit into school kid size clothes so was cheap for me!

beach party easy i just wore shorts/hotpant thingies and a shirt.....oh and if u really wanna go out 4 scl daze then get a eyeliner pen and put 3 dots on each cheek lol

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Do you think a Jedi would qualify for the space theme? Afterall it is Star Wars - mostly set in space!
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katie, i told you the other day i want you to help me make a cloak lol

dear oh dear.
arrgh no way I can read all them new pages (damn uni closing for bank holiday grr). I've still got all the cloaks from pride still, kt you can rip that stuff up and make a perfect one.

Think I might go as dr. who again...this time the new'n. or maybe's something else hmm. (how bout rose?) ;-)
lol............beN i have to make my brother a cloakl as well you bleedin' know! my poor fingers are gonna hurt.........and that is not a good thing!

me needs to go shopping for black clothing and yes star wars does count.......oh and beN u have a lightsaber yet?

how much space do we get in high rise for clothes storage? do we just get a small wardrobe?
i have no idea how much to bring!! :p:
That's a good point. My sister dragged me to Primark today, and I came back with 3 jumpers and a coat for about £25! I may not have room with the rest of my clothes!
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Hey people
ive ben gone for a while
i dont know what ive receieved and i dont care anymore.. if i pass some deadline im sure they'll let me know ;-)

so help me out there any other international student besides me in herE?
if u are..lemme know quick .. i got a couple of questions =] .. im gonna be leaving in 10 days gdit... im not ready to leave yet haha
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You manage to fit a hell of a lot in the wardrobes in high rise actually, in lawrence tower i had allsorts. They dont seem very large but the wardrobes are quite deep!
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hi ben how u been?
aiite so i visited the guild website..its nice..
but temme bro.. wat if i wanna be come a member of some sports club?
and wat exactly duz the sports club do? :-S

i had another question but i cant quite remember rite now haha
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On Sunday 2nd October there is the Freshers Fair. Every society and sports club will have a stand where you can go and find out what they do, how often they meet, activities etc and decide to join or not. Its a good chance to meet people with similar interests.

What do the sports clubs do? Well they will usually play a sport and most of them compete in some national league. For information before Fresjers Week feel free to email the Student Involvement executive, Jenni on [email protected] she can tell you more than I can :-s My speciality with activities is the societies as I was a Societies Executive in the past and have been involved with a couple.

I hope that helps...
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Does anyone know how much class is involved in the common first year of the ABS degrees? Is it loads? :-(
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some1 quick far is bath from aston??
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Id say just over 2 hours
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Does anyone know how much class is involved in the common first year of the ABS degrees? Is it loads? :-(

if you go to them all maybe.

All the lecture slides are on the internet so you dont actually have to go to lectures. i never did any tutorial work.

1st year is piss :cool: