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okay i need to do some serious shopping..
can sum1 help me out here? i need to know.. basically from people in the uk.. wat do yall wear when you go clubbing.. like guys.. cauz from wat ive seen.. people wear diff stuff in diff countries :-s.. ea so itd help if i knew cauz ima go shopping soon for partyin clothes

finally feel like im going abroad to study =]
Lakeside residences
Aston University, Birmingham
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How long is a piece of string?

Shop in the UK when you get here. Oh and read a really good lifestyle and fashion column in the Aston Times called "SlyFi" (shameless plug)
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How long is a piece of string?

Shop in the UK when you get here. Oh and read a really good lifestyle and fashion column in the Aston Times called "SlyFi" (shameless plug)

you sure we are thinking about the same column :wink:
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get a few partying clothes from there and when you come, go on a shoppin mission one day.....take me if you want. i need some clothes too :smile:

tut tut tt.

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Question to everybody, are you intending to go down/up/along to Aston on the 24th or on the 25th? I'm not quite sure which day to come on, and don't want to miss anything.

Does anyting apart from moving in take place on the 24th?
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and then goto the events bit to see whats happening in freshers week
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HeLLo!! I missed everyone! im leaving for birmingham on wednesday :-D
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Hey! When are we sposed to move IN!?>!?!?!>!>?>?! ANSWER MEEEEEE!
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lol well to be honest the best material for the coloumn in the last year was sent to Portsmouth Uni's "Pugwash" but my output will improve lol

Moving in

International Students - from saturday 17th September
UK Students - Sat 24th and Sun 25th September

I'm back in brum on the 17th :-)
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ohhhhhhh.not long left :smile:
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My sig is counting down - only 20 days left at home now! :eek:
im gonna be in uni 2weeks from now
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well technically term doesnt start for a while remember. Freshers week will be the best fun to start you off in uni!
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I cant wait..
anywayz im coming in on the 17th,,, who is going to check in then>?!?!?!?!
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start of october aint it? i mean when term starts.

im dropping in on the 24th and then going to stay my first night on the 25th.
Im moving in on the 24th!

I haven't actually been up to see the uni yet so i dunno how my room will look exactly... I'm stayin in Stafford and was just wondering how much space i'll have for clothes etc? coz from the living room cd it doesnt look as if theres any room at all!! like where do i even put it?? also do i need to bring frying pans, pots fork knife etc? wat do i actually need? thanks you guys!! this is gonna be mad!!
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hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.. i have no idea..
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well just have a few of everything; one or two plates, as many mugs as you can bear to litter your room with ...

clothes wise you have a normal wardrobe sized, er wardrobe/cupboard you can store clothes and stuff and and at least one shelf.

As far as i remember each flat in stafford tower has a communal storage room on each corridor for keeping extra bits in, none of the other accom has this.

Queenah - if youre moving on the 17th there will be some international freshers week aunties around to help you move in etc and you'll meet other international students so dont worry.

Your accom details will tell you about the checking in procedure.

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Thanks ben!! :-D