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why so soon??
Lakeside residences
Aston University, Birmingham
(international orientation week starts from 19th and goes on till the 23rd..i think)
i wish i was there already i hate all this waiting around! i feel like im between lives! u no what i mean? like im just hanging arounf for my new life to finally begin!! i hope you have a great first week!!
aww thx steph :smile:
eeeeps im down with dont-wanna-leave-home-syndrome >_<
but should be ok....yea i (kinda) know wot u (kinda) mean :biggrin: but seriously time will fly and ud be there soon ...owh wen u movin in?
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Theres also an HSBC for those unlucky enough to be customers \o/
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i cant wait either. i havent dun any packing or anything but my heads just bursting with things to remember. i should really right down things. its so boreing now though. everyone sorting their own uni things and theres still over a week until many of us move in or actually start.
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oh yea i like how the different bham unis have their own section now. makes life so much easier :smile:
Yeah, it's a lot easier now!

You don't have to dig for things!
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Digging bodes for strong arms.
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Hey okay i need some help
ok firstly im in london =]
4 days until i move in..
i just wanted to know what banks cud we get an account with.. i read natwest here so im guessin i cud get a bank account with natwest in the uni.. thatd be nice..
and i wanted to know how do we go about paying al lthe fees and stuff.. cauz ive only paid the deposits yet
but more importantly.. on the 23rd/24th i wanna come down to london for one day.. like come in the morning and go back in the evening(or the next day im not sure) but i have no clkue about how to go about it .. any help i can get wud be appreciated.. i juss wanna know the cheapest way to get from Aston Uni to LSE.. any1 who can help?
i know thisd be answered sooner on the guild site but thats not working.. so i guess this is woth a try =] .. ben if u can get on the guild site or ask sum1 thatd be cool
thx =]
just wanted to know what banks cud we get an account with

Natwest is one...I know HSBC has another on campus,if u are there for intl orntn week u will see that the first thing we do on day1 (the 19th) is setup an account w/ a bank in the uni campus (so it'd be better u wait if u can)

i wanted to know how do we go about paying al lthe fees and stuff

That was a bit confusing but wot ive done is made out bank drafts payable to Aston University and once i get there pay it off to em.

23rd/24th i wanna come down to london for one day

same here!:biggrin: even though its gonna be a bit hard im sure we can one of the aunties showing us how to go abt it...i knw digbeth isint far off ...and also megabus (google it) stops at snowhill station and a return trip will cost u £1.50 (will have to book online tho) but u can use the trains or coaches...will cost u abt 15-20quid dependin on HOW fast u can actually buy the ticket.
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why do you want to go to london on them two days when those days the reast of the living out people going to be moving in.

but yea theres many ways such as coaches, like Anu said, megabus. theres also national express which starts off at Digbeth station i think.

the train can be caught from new street station all the way to Euston station in london. from there on you can use londons tube (district line) streight from euston station to Charring Cross. walk a little and ur at LSE. thats an expensive way to get there and you really do have to book in advance to get a cheap ticket. i booked a few days ago for the 24th and all the £18 tickets had been sold. i had to buy a £34 return ticket :frown:

trains will be faster, most of the time, than coaches.

how comes you want to trek to LSE anyway? out of all the open days i went to, the LSE open day in my opinion was the worse.
I really want to go to Aston to do Marketing or a combined in business administration and management (or something like that!). Did you guys find it hard to get in? I'm having a hell of a time trying to write my personal statement, finding it hard to resist writing "please please please let me in"!! Just wondering what are the actual courses like. Oh, and what level of uni is Aston equal to, is it on the same level as Warwick or Birmingham?
heya ...well Aston Business School was ranked number 3 last yr and dropped to number 12 (but the intl. officer said its more based on some sorta technical counting places like LSE want 3As while aston may ask for ABB...) It is a grt place esp. for the subjects u wanna do.I think for me (like most) ppl who are in the place the sandwhich yr (ie placement yr was a big thing).Getting in...well since ur doing ur international baccalaureate they usually ask for about 35points.
U can find the courses here

As for the personal statment...PM me if u need any help but just tell them wot subjects u are doin ..wot u wanna do (and why) and wot is it abt the uni (and the courses uve chossen) that appeals to u.I think the grt think abt aston unlike a lotta universities is that they (and its been said more than once) would rather have someone who WANTS to come to aston as opposed to just a gd. student.Let ur personal statment be a mix of a CV and wot u wanna do w/ ur future type thing.
I think there is an open day on the 21st of sept.
The best way for u to decide abt ur ucas choices would be to actually go to as many open days as possible and if not at least get ur hands on as many prospectus as u can.
As some of the members have mentioned on the thread ranking isint so important wen u look at the whole picture,but if aston hit the 3rd place last yr that shuld say something.
oh and ya taz u have a point there abt travellin on tht day ¬_¬ never thought of tht.
anyway ouch £34 for a return ticket? >_o

ps.wayhay! im an exalted member *does a dance*...only if the green ickle gems were more in number *pouts lips*
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hey thanx guys
great help =]
and i wanan go..cauz 1stly its my bday on the 24th ..itd be good if i cud see my best frd ..shes at london.. plus i got shopping a jumper and a jacket and a i guess id do that with her.. i dont know yet tho.. any advice?
yay bday! lol....sounds like a cool plan...minus the duvet buying u wanna lug that from london to bham ?
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ok look at national express website.

from bham to golders green in central london.

the bham location is digbeth station i think which from what i know isnt too far from uni. price will be either £15.50 or £20 for a return. once at golders green, hop onto the tube, which is right next to the drop off and then hop onto the northen line as i said above and go to charing cross.

i really cant think of any easy way apart from the train idea or national express.

oh and seeing as its your bday you can do a little shopping but dont need to go mad. you gota think your gna still have to travel back to bham.just get stuff you like and then you can get things you need from bham centre.
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we need to take duvet and pillow?
lol well helix, we are suppose to get a pillow if u buy the starter pack or something but i was told there may or may not be a duvet in it!
my parents actually wanted me to take one w/ all the way from here :s
I guess im just buyin it there...

hey bugz who is ur intl. student officer?..was it simon hall?