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Lakeside residences
Aston University, Birmingham
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thats £15 return by the way :-)
Lakeside residences
Aston University, Birmingham
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woo that's useful, the snowhil-marylebone line goes right through my local station :biggrin:
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my college teacher told me about this service when i told him about virgin prices from euston. i didnt get what he was saying though and forgot the rail company.

the really cheap though. really really cheap and for me it will probably take as long by tube to get to euston then it would to get to marylebone station.

i can rememeber him tellin me it does take longer when using that service though? but then again not like virgin are ever on time with delays left, right an centre.
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well virgin are usually efficient i find its just that as they are the maion provider for that service when they do cock up the effects can be huge. The virgin service is faster and if you can get it i recommend booking in advance and getting really cheap first class - all the food and drink you can eat, sorted me out after exec training yesterday lol

oh yeah back to snow hill marylebone If you have a student rail card they did do a deal where students get the £15 tickets for £10 but you'll have to ask them [chiltern] about that and what you need.
virigns great never been late for me. So funny coming down last Tuesday every train was delayed or cancelled apart from mine. lol.
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ive only used vigin trains twice, one to go to NEC arena for a motorshow and the last time was for astons open day. the NEC arena trip was delayed by like 45+mins and the aston open day journy was delayed by 30mins or so. hmmm. first class is lavly though. didnt know the food was free though! otherwise i woulda munched up!
Hey ya'll. Whats the most memorable first year memory at Aston?
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Hey ya'll. Whats the most memorable first year memory at Aston?

good question, i dont have an answer to it though, i enjoyed the whole year. cant think of one moment that sticks out.
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oi oi , btw does anyone know when tuition fees and accomodation have to be paid by.

i know accomodation is termly and money needas to be givin by 3rd october or something but what about the tuition fees.

one off payments or what?
regards to the course i shud be in my second year but am redoing 4 modules from my first year (own reasons) they get into the technical stuff in about jan i would say.......i found it ok seeing as how i have never done computers before.........and no taran it wasn't with a rail card discount as i don't have one........

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Hey All.. Just for you people who were wondering wheres that gal?!
Well i Got to UNI its still EMPTY! Dunno what to do! u DEFINANTLY need a pillow and cover! U DO@! i spent my first night FREEZING and uncomfortable..
anyone there yet?? im in Lakeside! block B! its DESERTED!! someone COME! ill give ya chocolates! LoL!
U definantly need to get all the necessities!
so Holla Baq..
Take Care people, have a good journey to compus.
Aww, poor cold Queenah!

*Loads up the car with blankets and jumpers*

Enjoy yourself til we get there!
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Hey Another Question, Alcohol is allowed in dorms??!?
second. can people visit??!?!
Oh any another thing, everyone was with a parent, i was ALL ALONE, dragging my things :-S and there were no aunties. What am i sposed to do now? where am i sposed to go tomorrow?!?

First question: I think so, it's your room
Second: You're allowed overnight guests but only for up to two consecutive nights or something

Third, I guess just try and get used to Birmingham, have a walk around, take a flatmate with you or something!
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theres NO ONE THERE!! the place is DESERTED! COME @@#@#%$^
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hahahahaha. i feel for you queenah. well ermm....only 1 week to that doesnt sound promising does it.

arnt international students meant to be there by now?

do a little walkies mission around the accomodation to see if you can spot anyone.

atleast you can have the whole kitchen to

orrrrr go something which im looking forward to doing :smile:

oh and atleast your der! im getting fed up of waiting. i cant relax at home because i still need to pack and i cant go to aston yet because its not time yet. grrrrrrrrr the waiting!!!!
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thnx taran 4 the reply, i was so sick of being alone i went with some friends in nottingham, ill go baq to campus tomorrow,,,, holla when ur there. any plans to meet everyone on the forum or what?!
Aww Queenah sorry bout that. In that case, for international fresher's on here (ones moving in this week), any problems with meeting tuesday night in Einsteins. Shall we say 8:00? That way you can all meet have a good chat and stuff. It also gives me an excuse to drink there again (don't want to seem like an alcoholic).

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theres that confused mission which is going to be happening i think? thats when the forum lot are all meeting up i tink
when are the forum people meeting?