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Same ****, different name? :\
Lakeside residences
Aston University, Birmingham
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Im new to this site but will be starting my second year at aston in sep/oct. Just came to say that hope to see you all in sep.oct and that the week we have got planned for you is going too be good. Yes, unfortunately it is only a week long but don't worry we have things going on all year round.

And I am proud to announce that I will be an auntie, if your unsure what that means then I will tell you. It means that I will get to help you move in and deal with any issues you may have as well as showing you how good it is to be a student at aston.

If anyone is looking for accomadation then I happen to be needing a flatmate to live at the heights with me and another person next year. It will be £90 a week but utilities are included and its en-suite as well as being 2 minutes from the uni itself (literally!). If anyone wants to know more contact me at [email protected] or 07976414811.

I will be on here regulary so if anyone has any questions then I will try and answer them.

Also as a representative of the LGB (lesbian, gay and bi) then if anyone has any worries/queries please don't be afraid to contact me.

All the best with your results hope to see you all soon.


P.S don't stress about results it doesn't all depend on them the university will look at your apllication as well and see what type of student you have been. This is beacuse people sometimes have off days and they can't expect you to preform brilliantly all the time. If it all depended on results I wouldn't have got in. And if they do offer you another course don't dismiss it straight away....the course I was offered was one I had previously considered and was almost like the course I had chosen except being 50/50 spliut instead of 35/65 between business and computing.
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I thought freshers was 9 days this year? changed?
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well it runs from the saturday night to the ball on the friday i presume same as it did last year
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fairy muff.
not another ball! heh. just had my school leaving one, it was awful!
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ah but the freshers ball is lots of fun.......if i remeber correctly the theme this yr is gd as well

but not gonna give nowt away

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I'm a french student, n00b to this forum who is starting the Msc PANN at Aston Uni in sept. I've already reserved my accommodation and I'll be living in the Gem House. I hope that's not that bad.
My girlfriend is coming along with me for the first 2 weeks, do they often inspect the rooms ? Will she be able to stay in my room for that long ?

Thanks for your answers..
See you during the freshers week..
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they only inspect rooms once a term.....i doubt that its allowed that she can stay that long but i don't think anyone will care or notice......i had my partner stay over on several occasions.....they may have well bloody lived in the room actually lol and nobody complained

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thx 4 the reply.. allowed or not we're coming..
see u in September..
Hey everyone,

New to this site too (astonbitch) told me about it.

I'm starting my second year next year, studying Technology and Enterprise Management. My accomodation for last year was in Bishop Ryder House, which for those of you that don't know is a low rise flat. Personally I thought it was a quality flat, although there was no sink in the room. There's one major advantage of low-rise flats in that there are hardly any fire alarms go off (I think mine went off once the entire year).

as far as freshers week goes, from the grape vine it is 9 days, culminating in the almighty freshers fair. I won't give the game away about any of the events, but can tell you it will be awesome. Personally I'm organising the LGB side of things, so if anyone has any queries then my email address is [email protected]. One of the things the LGB is famous for is our excellent nights out (which happen every week), and of course the pub crawls (one of which is happening the week after fresher's week).

I look forward to seeing all of you, in september. I'll be one of the maniacs with a rainbow flag.

I got unconditional offer fr B.ENNG. from uni like York & .U.C.E. but I took admission in ASTON cos my friends told me its a wonderful experience to study in ASTON & it has a very good placement record.But recently someone told me that ASTON is likely to merge in BIRMINGHAM uni is it true?
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would it matter, Manchester Victoria and UMISt merged and as things stand the uni goes from strength to strength apparently.

Surely both universities would benefit from being brought together, sharing experience and each uni's advantages being pooled together. Besides, it probably makes economic sense.
Iam coming to Birmingham in september as i have accepted the Aston offer . I will like to get in touch with freshers and seniors frm engineering sides
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there was talk about it happening but in the end it was decided far as i now aston has no further plans to merge with other universitie's

looking forward to seeing you all in september...

I'm coming to Aston in September to do German Translation, looking forward to it!
Iam coming to Birmingham in september as i have accepted the Aston offer . I will like to get in touch with freshers and seniors frm engineering sides

Looking forward to meeting you. go engineering school. yey.
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Hey folks,
well i got a conditional offer (at Aston Business school) for a place on the international foundation course (for Business) umm... (it used to be held at Matthew Boulton College ) but is now being moved on to the aston campus.Most likely gonna be 20 of us doing it- the deal is tht its a 36 week course, u pass it and they give u an admission to the undergrad course of ur choice (depending on ur marks and recommendations of your teachers etc etc) but ya so its hopefully gonna mean ill spend the nxt 5yrs at Aston (inclusive of the placment year)..ive never been to Birmingham *sniff* so im a bit worried but sure am looking forward to it.
But yea :biggrin:
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hey peeps,
i will also be starting aston uni september doing accounting for management...if i get the grades! Im well looking forward to it but also pretty scared! haha! It would be cool to be in touch with ppl also going, so if any1 going wants to add me...go for [email protected] :smile:
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Lol james aka jimmy p shall we start our own left-out-ers aston crew? :p: