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lol dont worry ill add u to my list...oh my god so many new members...u have to bear with me guys!!!

Lil Lee Lee
wecome to the aston crew!!

aston bitch and aston_lgb welcome!!!!!!!!!!!

ok aston say we start 3rd october so what is frehser week a week before dat as in 26th september which is 7 days earlier or is it 24th september which is 9 days earlier???

i reeally do hope dey look at my application becoz i am not gonna get 320 points...considering i was predicted 260 points i hope dey are lenient and take into account 1st year and january performances!!!!

also where is all the action at the en suite or shared bathroom accomadation??

thanks girls!!!
Lakeside residences
Aston University, Birmingham
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Any one else i missed out on the list please tell me!!!
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eassy boys an gals of aston uni.

chose aston as my first choice. just gota wait for the results now.

it doesnt sound promising for the girly scene on my course though. hopefully that shouldnt matter too much.

im hoping to get into comb. hons comp science and GIS.

ive seen the uni already and quite impressed even though ive seen the likes of london unis such as LSE.

i hope freshers week will be bumping to get the year off to a good start.

whats this about a ball going on? a proper ball, booted an suited affear? or will it be fancy dress or something?

hopefully ill see some of you first year-ers in september. gowd i hope i get en suit accomodation.
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yeah right back at ya....i hope i get en suite accomodation also...i swear i was too tall for the low rise standard accomodation when i looked around it on the open day! does anyone know how its allocated? i.e. first come first served?
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hey even if ya dont get en-suite the standard is pretty decent.....its allocated according to priority ie international and final year.......taran....i will see you in first year as i am redoing mine but only four of the modules......freshers week is the the week befor the 3rd oct starting from sat 24th of september.....the first weekend is when people mainly move in i acn tell you ball will be fsncy dress but not what however there is a ball later on in the year which is suit and tie and dresses so you will be needing them.

for action on a night after the guild has closed, the best place is the high-rises. (they seemed to have the most gossip about them in the uni newsletter).

The majority of second and final years end up in either the en-suite or low rise (so these are usually calmer).

but it just depends on who moves in with you and who you invite over (do a kt and invite the entire of the Uni to a flat party during freshers week).

if you have ejit flatmates like mine were, then there's no fun, fancy complaining that I woke them up every thursday at 4:00. You'd think they had lives to go too.
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aston bitch, ive seen both accomodations and en suits is for me. i really didnt like the look and feel of standard accomodation, even though i heard its party central and the place to be. i can imagine it being more of a hassel though. i just have a feeling.

oh no fancy dress. i aint got no fancy dress clothes. hmmm, cant wait to meet new peoples though, but also on the scared side. its going to be first week of secondary school all over again. but even then i had primary school mates who i knew. ahh well astonbitch, thats one :smile:

my mate who went aston last year was in standard accomodation, and then swapped with someone in the en suit as he didnt like standard and the swappee didnt like en suit.
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well fair enuf........i demanded to my dad that i had en-suite cus i prefered it to standars but sometimes it can grow on ways of meeting people its not too bad.....after guild stafford tower is usually the place to be.....and u could do wat i did which was invite everyone to a party on ur floor then forget about it until they actually turn up........i was quite lucky in my flatmates wernt too bad and all of us went out together on the 1st nite.....gr8 way of getting to kno each get to meet ppl on your course in first few days aswell..........and for the fancy dress usually u can get cheap stuff at the market.........i cant remember but i think you may get informed a bit b4 hand bout whats going on
yup, normally a freshers pack gets sent out with everything you need to know (and need, I believe they send out condoms in the pack).

but I'll warn you if moving in to high rise, get there early. There's only 2 lifts in the blocks and as you can imagine they get pretty busy. i had a great laugh watching people queing outside lawrence tower (just opposite my downstairs flat), to use the lift.

hey im new to this site, aston's my 1st choice to study marketting, anyone else doing that? need ABB and think i should manage that rly, really looking forward to comin aston herd great things about it and again read them here, im staying standard tho, does anyone know if you get a choice on which towerblock you stay in?

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lol!! CONDOMS UNNO...JOKES..........

i cant wait man i jus hope they accept me!!! 1 month to go till results day...

more questions for astonbitch and aston lgb chair

do aston univeristy student socialise with the the other unis like uni of birmingham, uce, warwick etc etc...or do people go on anti social???
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yea we socialise well the LGB do depends really.....we do have sports matches with other universities..........

My flatmate last year did marketing (although he didn't attend half the lectures), said it was alright,

as for socialising with other uni's there kind of a real derby attitude between the universities. Kind-of one-upmanships if you like (aston always wins though), in everything from Sports, right through to LGB, but yeah we do socialise.

Most students are friendly to each other, just don't sing songs criticising their uni to them, I did that to a group from UCE and they didn't take it too well (thank god we were at Birmingham Uni at that point).
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do u now any peeps who did optometry
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Optometrists :\
Is no-one doing languages? i'm feeling lonely!
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dont worry im kinda feeling lonely an all.

apart from astonbitch who is taking some modules of comp science again, i got a feeling my course is going to be kinda, not to my liking.

ah well, theres always people in other courses to look forward to (",) keep that in mind lil lee lee
Thanks, will do!
I personally don't really get on with the people on my course, so most of my mates have come from random meetings in nights out and also from sport and societies I'm members of.

I suppose there's a lot more chance of meeting someone you can get a long with at uni coz there's so many different things going on and you're mostly living in the same place anyway