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computer rooms inside uni are canny. Although there are restrictions on downloads. Access is 24 hour for most people, engineering students have to pay £5 for that (I don't know why) at least thats what it was like last year.

Have you received whats happening during fresher's week yet?, I'm still working from a basic plan. ie. What happened last year, implanted with this years theme.
Lakeside residences
Aston University, Birmingham
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Hey guys,

I'm beN, I've been at Aston since Autumn 2002 and this coming year I am a part time executive of the students' guild as Web Officer. Hopefully I'll be meeting all of you when you get here, you'll notice me. Hopefully you'll be reading my bits in the Aston Times too [shameless plug]

Freshers Week - All will be revealed very soon and it will be lots of fun. Ive been to two freshers weeks including my own and I was an auntie at one of them. I missed out on the last one as I have been on placement for a year in Basingstoke.

Where are you peeps from?

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what sort of stuff will be going down this yr
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gooo onnn, leak a lil news to us hopefully new aston students whats cracking (",) for us
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lol I could tell you some stuff but it won't really be super 'news' as such. I will just rant and write a few interesting bits to help you out.

There will be a mix of daytime and night time events each day from the first saturday until the friday where we have the "Freshers' Ball" - a big party and another excuse to dress up.

Hmm dressing up - lots of fancy dress opportunity, Aunties and Exec like myself will be on hand to help with that.

Someone was mentioning which day Freshers week starts on - People will be moving in on the saturday AND sunday with some even not making it until part way through the week even. Don't dispair if you're missing the first night as there are plenty of mad nights out and actually the sunday will be the first night where nearly all the Freshers are there.

Throughout the week The Exec and the Aunties are here to help. You'll see us from the minute you arrive as we'll be in the car park ready to start lugging cases and things for you. Some of us will have aquired shopping trolleys to help with it even.

For the night time events there will be a team of Aunties rounding you up to come to the guild, if your flatmates havn't moved in yet and you're stuck on your own for the first night, just tell us and we'll come collect you. Arn't we great :-)

We'll help you with the serious stuff aswell as the fun. We'll make sure you get your student ID sorted, we'll register you with the health centre and dentist if you wish to (worthwhile if the partying turns into freshers flu for your first week of lectures) we'll show you where to buy your food and as far as I know this year we may even be taking you on tours around birmingham in the daytime to show you where things are and give you a good grounding.

In addition I'd be more than happy to suggest cures for hangover and easy meals to make in freshers week to make sure you eat the good stuff you need to keep you going. Otherwise You'll be flagging come wednesday and we don't want that ;-) Although even I may be partial to the odd greasey burger.

Where am I going with this? Freshers info will be available soon on the new guild website.

Any other questions?


[email protected]
yea i will be rounding peeps up to go on night time events :smile: and no doubt will probably be dragging them to mansells after (one of astonites fave places to go after a night out on the razz).....

one of the best places for food shopping this year looks to be tescos with two recently opened last year in the town center......

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o yea another thin i wanted to know...can we keep a fridge/ freezer in our rooms? and how many people to one fridge/freezer?
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The accomodation department state in their rules that you are not allowed to keep a fridge / freezer in your room.

It works out around 6 people per fridge maximum. While that sounds alot you do find some people eat nothing but pre packed things from the cupboard or dont keep stuff in. Watch out for the person who fills the whole kitchen with their daft food.

One thing I wouldnt worry too much about bringing is an iron. You'll hardly use it and you can always borrow one off another mate or even the Residents Association.

A great thing to have is some kind of little Clothes Airing thing to put in the corner of your room or kitchen. The laundrettes, while being ok do eat money on the dryers and the accomodation is usually really warm meaning washing dries fairly well; especially in winter as I found in Lawrence tower ironically.
u wont use your iron? lol
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ahhh man i wanted to know that iswel. i wanted a lil fridge in my room for a few things.

i guess allocating fridge/freezer space will happen once talking it over with your flatmates/housemates.

seems like the first day is going to be very welcoming and helpful. cant wait.....ill make sure my luggage is very start getting hench for it (",)
I was wondering the other day what sort of stuff comes in the kitchens. like is there a kettle already and microwaves and whatnot.....
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all of them have a kettle and micro wave. oven, grill and hobs. lakeside kitchen s have a toaster i believe
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wikid, i thought somone would have to be generous enough to bring their own for the accomodation.

i got a britta filter if there aint one there and for those who like their purified water (",)
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ha ha well there won't be one provided. I had allsorts of extra things but I'm now trying to cut down as moving each year is getting harder and harder as I accumulate more PC stuff and more instruments.
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yo Tanan u apana lol? what u planing on doind at Aston?

It works out around 6 people per fridge maximum. While that sounds alot you do find some people eat nothing but pre packed things from the cupboard or dont keep stuff in. Watch out for the person who fills the whole kitchen with their daft food.

one of the benefits of low rise, 3 people per kitchen, and a massive fridge/freezer. Plenty of room. :-)
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owww mann. i can imagine getting fed up of cupboard food. but then the shopping, gowd i hate doing it for my own home imagine when im by maself. toast with a glass or orange juice everyday. bare minimum that

when you lot go shopping, do you go by urselves or with housemates or with your mates or something. it sounds like the best thing for people to do is buy your own food instead of sharing the food bill.

oi oi a.s.d, whos but i think you probably referring to me. u asking if im apna, but depends what you sounds like i am though. only a kidhas can determine that

well on the plan for aston is for me to do comp science and Geographical Information Systems comb. hons.

but then again im having second thoughts about the comp science area.

what you be doing a.s.d
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Re Food shopping. To be honest its cheaper if when you live with people if you cook together. Obviously not all 12 of you or whatever but you'll usually have at least one flatmate you buddy up with.

Online shopping - Supermarkets, including tescos will deliver online to the flats. Whats best is if a few of you go to the comuter rooms and sort out a shopping bill. You can log into to tescos and register and it saves your shopping list each time so its less work each time you make an order. Delivery is £5 or sometimes free depending on how much you spend, just make sure someone is around when its due to be delivered and sort out who owes what.

Much better than trapsing to the shops all the time and you will find the special offers they dont always do in smaller branches of tescos.
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oh yea never thought about online shopping. always thought its best to choose things when you seem them. but then again i dont wana be walked for like 20 mins with 5 or so bags of shopping in ma hands.

thats a good idea though. couple of you can do he online shopping and bulk buy, thus making the delivery probably free.

i think i should get with the times (",) i will when im there.
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i is hoping to be doing Optometry but doubt il wont get the AAB they ask