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    (Original post by Bigcnee)
    Why are you "lyao"? Its pathetic.
    :confused: i didnt say that

    its just the stuff they can get away with

    (Original post by felixjmorgan)
    In school today i made my R.E. teacher cry because i had a convo with her about why god exists. i didnt mean to make her cry!

    me: miss, how do religions explain evolution, if they say god made adam and eve (for example, in christianity) but scientists and archeologists can practically prove that humans evolved from apes?

    mrs. begley: its not meant to be taken literally felix. theyre a symbol.

    me:riiiiiight.... well, whats the point in believing in god?

    mrs. begley: what do you mean?

    me: well, if you are saying it because he made the world then thats a load of rubbish

    mrs. begley: no its no....[CUT OFF]

    me: [INTERRUPT] well, if the world had to come from somewhere, then you are saying everything comes from somewhere. if you say god exists, where did he come from? to do this you are just explaining an answer by giving another question. whos to say another god didnt make that god? and another for that, etc...

    mrs. begley: thats just silly. its all about faith... [sniff] [sniff] excuse me a second

    [leaves for toilets]
    Maybe she just had a running nose. If she really did cry, then perhaps she's in the wrong job.

    (Original post by thefish_uk)
    :confused: i didnt say that

    its just the stuff they can get away with
    You changed your post. How original. :rolleyes:
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