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So who is heading to Ibiza this summer + when/where? I'm going with 7 friends from the 3rd-18th of August + am really excited after having such a sick time last year.

There are a couple of concerns this time, however. As we all know the pound - euro exchange rate sucks, so when is the best time to change money and what is the best method to do it? I saw something about it on the news a few days ago and the guy they had on advised doing it online but I'm not sure. Also how do people plan to save money? Tickets, drinks in clubs and general food costs are so insane there..

Also because it's gonna be a lot more expensive this year, we decided to book a 6 person room at the same place we went to last year but cram 8 people into it. Is it likely the maids will grass on us / is it likely we'll get chucked out (either the 2 extra people or all of us).

Next, regarding sleeping on the floor. There is a room with a double bed (which will be off limits as my mate and his gf will have it) and a lounge area with 2 sofas and a room attached to that but divided by shutters with 2 single beds. This means there will always be 2 people sleeping on the floor, probably in the shutter rooms. Any advice as to the most comfortable but practical way to do this. Eg I know mt mate has those plug in inflatable beds which would be awesome but they're way too big to take in a suitcase + way too indiscreet. Would an inflatable lilo be the best option (anyone know of any that aren't gonna be ridiculously sweaty and squeaky)?

Cheers for any help, I can see this whole sleeping situation thing being a major source of arguments, especially when everyone is gonna be staying up all night + getting wasted..

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