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Basically, my letting agent for my uni house is notorious in Oxford for bad service. The end of last year, I lost my house key (well, my friend had it drunk and lost it.. great), and I tried to get one cut only to discover its a 'coded' key, so they wouldnt let me do it without a code.

I phoned the letting agent several times, yet they did nothing - they said they didnt know the code to tell me, and couldnt send a new key either / kept promising to but didnt. it took 2 months of nagging to finally get the key.

Anyway, im an idiot and today I lost my keys as they fell out my pocket whilst cycling (lost in literally a distance of 400m, realised 10mins after I last had them and retraced steps 5 times straight away but nowhere to be found ) and they arnt at police station either

to cut a long story short, I was wondering what rights I have in terms of the letting agent having to provide a replacement or access to one. obviously i am happy to pay as I accept it is my fault, but I need a key urgently. Our house has a stupid lock system where you have to be able to unlock it from inside to get out, so it is a serios fire hazard me not having one (one time last year I had to climb out a second story window to get out the house when i needed - not very safe!)

I wasnt sure where to post this but please anyone let me know if you have any ideas for making the letting agents give me a key or code asap!


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