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erm rite i wana take pe, history bio and chem, im predixted a B in science but i no i can get a A as long as i revise wot gade do u think i could get in science with that in me gcse's.
and wots the difference between AVCE and Alevel chem? and do universities think that one is better or is there even such a thing?? help and wot can i do after college with these a levels, o and has any1 taken pe, if so wots it like?
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Generally, A levels in general are better respected than A levels for acamdemic subjects such as Chemistry. They are meant to be equal though but not all unis/employers see them that way,
If you are looking to apply to top unis I would say go for the A level although it may change by the time you get to uni and AVCEs may be more accepted. Some unis currently let you have an AVCE in one subject, but if you wanted to do Chemsitry I'm not sure If they would want an A level in that.

AVCE's are supposed to focus more on the practical applications of subjects, hense the V for vocational. I did chemistry AS level though and HATED it. I got a B (just) as AS and I dropped in extremely thankful, I didn't really deserve the B admittadly as I had no motivation for the subject at all. Don't let my view influence you though, if you enjoy Chemistry then go for it!! The second 2 modules in AS are hard though and the first seems like it at the time although not when you look back at it afterwards.
If you want my advice, go for which you think will be best suited too, if you want to go to the academic unis etc an a level would be best, a vocational based job, perhaps the AVCE. Ask your science teacher/careers advisor which they think would be best for you perhaps.
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