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Oak House- Fallowfield

hey peeps.. erm. are oak house halls any good? well theyre the cheapest..and have car parking and etc... whats the atmosphere like? its a couple o miles away from my department (old umist main block on sackville street)..
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I have a friend who lived in Oak House in the first year. She found that whilst they may not be as friendlier as other halls (she only really got to know the people in her flat), she did make some really good friends and continued to live with them throughout her degree. For the price Id say they quite good-but thats just my opinion. :-)
University of Manchester
University of Manchester
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hmm...well..thing doing an engineering degree n like first 2 years theres lil free time..ow now thats gona wait till they confirm my student loan then apply for some hall..cos they may not give me a loan this acad. year.
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I have friends in Oak house at present and my school is around the student area. Fallowfield is a great place to be as a student, you'll love it seriously. As for Oak house, well to be honest it isn't the grandest of places but its ok. And the making friends thing, well Owen's Park is right next door, aswell as many other halls in the area.
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I was looking at this, unfortunately it is not en-suite, but it is cheap and looks very nice.
It will be one of my preferences.
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hmm..I think im gona apply to oak house..just thinking what I can do with the £900 im gonna save....*thinks of bottles of vodka* and *gets giddy* . well most peeps seem to do the 10min bus ride to their schools looks as if im gona.. well my school is the umist buildings reyt down (up) in the city campus... fallowfield sounds fun so thats where I will go. I better send my form..i only received it last week... poo
I had a friend at Oak House in the 1st Year, Its not exactly a modern hall or anything but if all you need is a basic room and kitchen / lounge area then thats all you need. Its very plain on the walls and everything, but they can be easily covered! Its nice and cheap, nothing wrong with that! Plus is only next door to the tower block so there is no difference really... its all in the same place!

Also, I recommened the 'Bop' on Fridays at Owens Park... AWESOME! :smile:
right, i am going to make this short and sweet (ex manch student who got kicked out at xmas this yr (1st yr). Owens park and oak house are the know. they arent luxury, far from it, but the people are normal! they have a good time unlike the posh en suite accom which all the toffs go in. go basic, go cheap and meet good people. trust me. oh and also u have fallowfield pubvs and curry houses, bring on Raj curry house again!
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right, i am going to make this short and sweet (ex manch student who got kicked out at xmas this yr (1st yr).

Why did you get kicked out? :biggrin:
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Why did you get kicked out? :biggrin:

was it because you punched some git then he went and complained..I can see myself being kicked out why did you get kicked out?
well got ousted from hulme hall because i smoked in my room , and generally had a good time while everyone else watched tv or some other boring lame activity. was all fine down in OP, they loved that kinda stuff down there, oh and oak house. but i failed all of my xmas exams, and then they kinda found out i hadnt handed in any work whatsoever, so was promply asked to leaved, god dam them!
Oak house is great - i lived there last year - made so many great friends, rooms are fine, communal areas cleaned every week, everyone's really friendly, couldnt ask for anything more and it's really reasonable.
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I'm living in Oak House now and i really like it. Cheap, friendly and the rooms aren't that bad either.
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It's my third option.. looks nice, very large and cheap