Can One Apply For both Natural Science at cambridge and physics at oxford?

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I think Helenia is at Clare
Yes, I am. Our choir is one of the best mixed voice ones in Cambridge (even if they didn't even audition me :mad: ), and I live on a staircase which has lots of the choristers and other random musos on it. They're not social recluses by any means - they're just a bit cliquey sometimes, so the people on the outside don't see them much. They tend to spend a lot of time in each others' company, and talk shop a lot, but they are by no means recluses - they can party with the best of us.
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Y13's - If you haven't confirmed your firm and insurance choices yet, why is that?

I am waiting until the deadline in case anything in my life changes (5)
I am waiting until the deadline in case something else changes (e.g. exams/pandemic related concerns) (3)
I am waiting until I can see the unis in person (4)
I still have more questions before I make my decision (3)
No reason, just haven't entered it yet (7)
Something else (let us know in the thread!) (7)

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