mussolini's corporate state - what was it

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    somebody explain please thanks

    its basically when he set up a "third way" claiming that he had found a genuine alternative to capatalism and communism and the corporate state was in theory meant to have the best elements of both but in practise it was critised with communists saying it was too capitalist and visa versa. hope thats a nice summary

    it was an alternative to the class system where society was split into working class, middle class etc. instead they would be split into there industries with employers and employees in the same group all living in a fluffy magical land where no one argues. Its called a vertical economy instead of a horizontal one. In fact all that happen was that employees lost freedoms and employers were supported by the state to get what they wanted. Class sonflict was supressed not solved.

    There's not much I can add without going into detail.

    Mussolini claimed that his Corporate State was a revolution. It was in fact nothing of the sort. Very few changes were made to the Italian economy; the working classes were still completely answerable to their employers and gained little in return. Mussolini wanted to steer clear of the traditional ideologies of capitalist and communist, finding a "third way" like Keester said, but failed.

    I can't remember who said it, but the Corporate State has been likened to "looking in a dark room for a black cat that isn't there".

    im guessing u have the exam next monday like me, yh there r loads of quotes about the corporate state i think churchill actually did give it credit and historians like mack smith argue that it was hollow like the rest of his policies "an empty boast" if u have the heineman book its got some decent stuff about it
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