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Yesterday, my mum asked me to type up something for her, and I found the following bits from a research paper published in British Educational Research Journal:

1. Pupils from Kentucky and Sunderland shared a relatively high degree of satisfaction with their work rate and their current level of academic performance. They were more likely than their St Petersburg peers to believe that they usually worked as hard as they could in class and were less likely to believe that they could improve their performance a lot.
2. Whilst pupils in all three centres recognised the importance of working hard, the Kentucky and Sunderland pupils were considerably more likely to emphasise effort (rather than ability) attributions as key to success. However, their actual academic work rate both in class and at home appeared to be significantly less than that of the St Petersburg pupils.
3. Disruption in class appeared to be less common in St Petersburg classrooms. An important influence appeared to be the impact of peers who, in St Petersburg, were generally found to have a positive influence upon respondents’ work rate and behaviour. The reverse appeared to be the case for the Sunderland and Kentucky samples.
4. While recognising the importance of education as an important factor in their vocational futures, St Petersburg teenagers continued to place great emphasis upon being an educated person as an end itself (more than half selecting this as the most important reason for working hard in school). In contrast, the Kentucky and Sunderland children appeared far more instrumental and were more likely to prioritise the need to get qualifications.

In case you are wondering, this is something done by the following people:

NEIL R. HUFTON & JULIAN G. ELLIOTT, University of Sunderland
Leonid Illushin, Hertzen University, St Petersburg, Russia

It is an observation done on pupils from Kentucky, Sunderland and St Petersburg. What do you say?

I hope the writers won't say anything about me posting their work...
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