EasyBus follows success of EasyJet, EasyALevels etc

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Stelios Haji-Ioannou is about to launch EasyBus, following on quickly from the huge success of his last venture EasyALevels, launched in September 2000. Over 5 million students a year now take an EasyALevel. Rival companies such as ProperALevels have come under increasing pressure recently. Their market share fell by over 18% last year and is expected to fall further this year, when Stelios launches an aggressive marketing drive - one free ticket to a synchronised swimming competition with every EasyALevel. Stelios was quoted recently as saying that his aim is to get everyone a grade that is in the top five percent of grades and to see the end of wishywashy subjects like Maths and Chemistry, replaced with something far more relevant for today's economy. What is the point of knowing how to add up when you have a calculator?
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