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Derren Brown: esp or trickery? watch


    I've seen him perform on stage and he doesn't "read minds" at all.

    eg - he got a woman to go up on stage and hold a coin in one of her hands and DB had to guess which hand it was in. But he observed her movements and behaviour (he was actually explaining to everyone what he was thinking) and guessed correctly all 5 times.

    He's fantastic - really talented. He's just really good at manipulating people's minds. He tells you how it's done sometimes on the show, as other people have said. Last series he did a couple which I remember. The first being that he placed a guy in a supermarket and told him to pick out any single item he liked, at all, and then he'd guess it at the end. He got it right, out of the millions of times the guy picked vinegar. And Derren knew he'd pick vinegar, because he'd planted the idea in the man's subconcious, by saying, when explaining the task: "You can pick anything you like...anything! Whether it be potatoes, chocolate, perhaps crisps, you know Salt and - or whatever. Ok go...". Obviously, the natural reaction for our subconcious is to finish off the sentence in which Derren hindered (Salt and Vinegar), and there you have it, vinegar was in the guy's head.

    The other was when he was in a London Cab, and he made the guy forget completely where the London Eye was. And even though you don't notice it the first time you watch the show, he spends the whole cab ride talking about how when he was a little boy he had a toy car and he always used to lose the wheel off it, and he could never find "like this big wheel, even though it's staring you in the face you know? Have you ever just completely forgotten where somthing is?" The cab driver listening to this tale, suddenly forgot completely were the huge London Eye was! It can be offputting! Trouble is, the audience don't have a clue, because you don't realise what he's talking about because he's such a good showman, he manages to kind of disguise his tactics!

    He's a legend. The BMX was good too.
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