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seriously any and every comment on this personal statement will be rewarded in heaven

My interest in philosophy was galvanised during my first year studies whilst watching Darren Aronofsky’s film Pi which takes the concepts of Plato’s The Republic, which I was studying at the time, and thrusts them into a modern day scenario. It intrigues me that issues of justice and the role of the state, which Plato was confronted with in ancient Greece are still not close to being resolved. I feel it’s important to have some formarility with key texts from throughout human and personally have taken interest in books which have been definitive in the formation of states or religions such as mein kampf, das kapital and the Koran. I try to read as much news as I can, not only from broadsheets, as I like to see how news can become distorted to present a different picture for various political or social readerships. I have recently read Will Hutton’s The state were in and it’s follow up to gain some understanding of where British politics has been the previous decades to allow me to understand how and why it is as it is now.
Through living and working in London I try to witness many culturally significant experiences as I can, I regularly visit art exhibitions during any split shift I may be working. I am also a member of most of London’s arthouse cinemas which I regularly visit particularly at present focusing on any of the new-wave of South American films. I’m planning a career in film having gained experience working on the Ali G Film and recently attended a course provided by the sundance institute.
My experiences living abroad renovating a house and working in central London bars has left me with invaluable self - motivational and self - management skills which I now feel has suitably equipped me to commit fully and responsibly to university studies. I also feel that by having taking two gap years I have come to the decision of enrolling to university on my own terms and I know how beneficial it will become.
I am currently working and planning a trip to travel across North America coast to coast during the 2004 summer.
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