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Going on Holiday at 17?

Me and my friend are hoping to book a holiday for when we're both 17. Our parents are cool with it and going to book it for us.

We were thinking about Ayia Napa which will be amazing :smile:

Just checking to see if we'll encounter any problems while we're there? I know people who have away at 17, but I'm worried of the hotel or travel rep asking for ID and turning you away...could anyone clear this up for me?

Also, will they ID you going into clubs in a resort like Ayia Napa or are they fairly lenient? Can you suggest any good places to go away at this age.

Oh, and we're two girls- if this changes anything.

Thanks in advance for any replies. x
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Tripadvisor have some great cheap options. They have some cheap deals for flight + hotels below if you sort by price (the first ones that show up look expensive).

Don't think there are any restrictions on age!
Im sorry, but you one of you actually needs to be over the age of 18 :frown:
Well... To be clear you can fly alone at 16, but a crew member has to watch over you for the duration of the flight... When you arrive... Im sorry to tell you this but youll either be staying at a complete stranger's or out on the streets :/
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I don't know about hotels/flights but i went ayia napa last year (Was 17 - went with family but made mates at the hotel) and went to the clubs and bars.. no id needed. they really don't care.

Definately go to Castle Club if u go. Its insane. Hope u can find a way of getting there cos Ayia napa is insane!!!
Ayia Napa is pretty amazing but don't make her too jealous if she cant go :p:
no, you should be alright with everything, we did magaluf at 17.

You may be limited on which companies that will take you, therefore you might not get the cheapest deals - just ask around on what their policies are for groups all under 18.

Our one made us get a parents permision form signed, but that doesnt sound a problem for you
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Ayia Napa is pretty amazing but don't make her too jealous if she cant go :p:

Eeek sorry :o:

Hope you can go though OP!! Have you not got older friends you could also travel with?!
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I used to fly on my own all the time under 18 no problem and my friends went to zante when they were 17, again no problemss
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I flew from Dubai to New York with some friends. I had just turned 17, while some were 16-17. No one was older than 17, but we got through just fine. Never heard of a rule that a traveler has to be over 18. When I was 12ish, I used to fly down to India alone, without any issues.

As far a hotel accommodation for minors (people under age of 18), I stayed in Sheraton Hotel in my NY trip. I think my parents had to lye before hand to the hotel manager over a long distance call that an older relative of mine will be overseeing us. You gotta check this part out.

As far as ID's fore clubs are concerned, can't you just fake an ID? HINT: You need a printer, a scanner, some tippex and a black pen...
I went to Majorca when I was 17 but was staying with 2 19 year olds - I think one of you may have to be 18 or over for the hotel, I'm sure you can find out on the internet though. I flew on my own as well so I don't see that being a problem.
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certain companies do and others dont accept under 18's olymipc accept under 18s and they will book you with a hotel that also caters for under 18s and no you wont need ID
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Hopefully it should be okay, I'm gonna go up First Choice tomorrow and see what they think about it. After scanning other forums it seems like you just need a consent slip from an adult.

I'm not worried about flying on my own (I've done that without a crew member watching over me) it's more about the the hotels......
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My mates went to Rhodes a few weeks ago. They didn't get ID'd at all and bars offered free drinks to try and get people into the bars/clubs. Not all of them looked 18 either...
You will be fine. Some people go away much younger, have fun :biggrin:
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And no, I don't have any older people to go with >.<
Our plans to go to Newquay this summer kinda fell through, so I really want to go away next year. We're trying to keep the numbers really small (hopefully just the two of us) so it's less to organise and we can mix and make friends with other groups when we're there (Y)

We had a ridiculous number of people set up to go to Newquay, responsiblity of organising just got passed round and round and in the end it just didn't happen- which is really annoying :frown:

Ah well- Ayia Napa will def. be better than Newquay. ;]
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Hey - seriously it is absolutely possible to go away pretty much anywhere in the world when you are under 18. Many, many people I know, myself included, have gone on clubbing holidays at 17 or even younger.

Basically, most of the big companies e.g Thomson, Thomas Cook etc will probably require one of you to be 18.. or even both of you.

However this should not stop you as it is often cheaper to book the flights and hotel seperately. Booking flights with companies such as Easyjet is not a problem if you are aged under 18. I think you might be allowed to fly alone at 14? Have to check this out.

I would then suggest booking the hotel seperately, through any number of sites but I have found Travel Republic to be excellent. However, before you book, ring up the hotel and check their policy on under 18's. Websites might let you book if you are under 18 but you have to check with the hotel personally to be safe. In the past we have rang hotels and a couple have said no but most say it is fine, especially in places like Aiya Napa, you can then go ahead and book the hotel and flights with no worries.
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Oh and la.di.da and everyone else who posted that people have gone away at 17- what travel agencies did they use? x
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Oh and one more point, in any slightly less developed country the clubbing destinations are more than lenient with the ID situation, you don't need any ID anywhere. Anywhere like Aiya Napa, Falaraki, Magaluf, Zante, Kos, Kavos, Malia.. etc. You don't even need ID to walk into a shop and buy 3 litre bottles of vodka.
Well... To be clear you can fly alone at 16, but a crew member has to watch over you for the duration of the flight... When you arrive... Im sorry to tell you this but youll either be staying at a complete stranger's or out on the streets :/

What? I know loads of people who've gone abroad and stayed in hotels under 18 and have been fine :/
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Woah, thanks f.burton... :smile: